Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweet *sixteen*

THE FINAL Half an Hour...

18 smses
2 local phone calls
1 uber SPECIAL phone call all the way from LONDON!!! (LOVE U EM!)
3 thru chattin on msn :D (kawan... was a VERY CLOSE call ar!! :P)
2 sticky notes and 4 notes on my FaceBook fun wall
2 blog posts dedicated to me!!! (Love you FOO and Yue!!)
3 shout outs on my blog...
5 comments and 1 message on friendster!

oh OH!! i almost forgot! the kids next door came over, stood outside my gate to wish me happy birthday and they sang me a birthday song!!! so cute!!! it was so sudden i couldnt get it on camera... innocence is just soO lovely! =)

thanks peeps for remembering my birthday!! it's uber sweet of u all! esp those that i'm GUILTY of not keepin in touch with... *teehee*

mom was walking around the house thinking of what to cook for dinner when i SPECIFICALLY told her i'd wanna have dinner at DOME... but i kinda lost the appetite (was down with food poisoning since Thurs) and she says it's too expensive... Bro didnt help much when he confirmed my mom's tots -.- tak guna!!! :P so mom continued walking around the house... then i said i want to eat spaghetti! but mom said she didnt buy the ingredients *pout* So finally said i'd settle with MAGGIE! cause mom usually wont let me have that claiming it's unhealthy (yet she still buys it! but i aint gonna rub this in lest she stops restocking :P)
Mom said YES! *yippee!!!*

during the whole What-To-Cook moment... mom came...

and gave me a kiss! well it wasnt that random la... if it was... i wouldnt have gotten it on camera rite? :P

but according to my mom... all thanks to the KISS... she felt nauseous too! i didnt know the virus i had was soO keng! anyhow... mom couldnt cook... but i was in for Maggie anyways.. so i was fine...

then what do u know!

my neighbor cooked spaghetti... (how did i get in on my camera??) she gave me 1 plate la!!!
*woohoo!!* it was Yummy-licious!!! =)

6 minutes b4 the clock strikes 12 again to signal the coming of ANOTHER day... the figures above have yet changed... BUT!!!

i wanna say...
once more to all of you that have done something to make me smile on my birthday!!!