Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweet *sixteen*

My Life, My Garden

Aye Yai Yai, who let time out and running?
As the clock strikes 12, it's 19 i'm turning!

Going through my diary named MEMORY,
Chapters by chapters, it's a pretty long story;
To sum it all up, i was (and still am) happy,
Do i have regrets? No, not really.

If there's one thing i'd use to represent my life,
i'd use a garden, i'll tell you why;
the Sun warms me, clouds protect me, and rain, simply refreshes me,
All these are none other than my Lord the ALMIGHTY!
Then of course there's soil and fence,
Values and boundaries i should never bend;
"It's all for your own good", they always say,
Mom, Dad, thanks to you i'm alive today.
Earthworms and snails do exist,
In gardens they're like disease;
Problems in life will never cease,
No one said life is an ease!
Worry not for there are birds in the air,
They give earthworms and snails a hell of a scare;
Whoever said that life isn't fair?
Help is always somewhere out there!
Colors painted my little garden,
Beautiful flowers with sweet sweet fragrance,
Roses, lilies and my favourite daisies,
I love you all my dearest sweeties!
In the corner of the garden stands an old oak tree,
Dead it seems but look carefully
A nest of chicks and a proud proud mother;
Unless u give up, there's still hope and a FUTURE!
I can't believe this is my LAST teen...
Will i grow out of being a Drama Queen?
Nah-ah! Go and keep on dreaming,
Baby, it's 19 years and COUNTING! :P