Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweet *sixteen*

Part 3: With Antiques :P
Buon Compleanno! (Happy Birthday in ITALIAN)

Yesterday... Dot went to Itallianni's with me Antiques!
On our journey- the September Babies :D
while waiting to be seated
and on my birthday... all i got was BREAD... =(...
... but still the company was good! ..... =(....
... MUAHAHAHAHA! u think my antiques sampai hati meh??? :P
Pui Yee's Hot Chocolate
Yeem's Iced Mocha
my Fuzzy Cranberry :D
the JUNGLE!!! i mean Salad :P - Sicilian (if i got the spellin correct) Chicken Salad
the grapes were SWEEEEET! =)
but when it comes to the dressing of the salad.. i still prefer Ceaser's Salad :D

found this in the salad... what is it? deco? something to stir the salad???
Liie and I tried it out the ITALIAN way :P
hehe! it was a cheese stick :D
the main course took like NINETEEN years to come! :P
Finally! Pepperoni Pizza!!

and next up!! the Dot's FAVOURITE!!!
Muahahahaha! can she FINISH it??
hehehehe! of course cant la! my antiques just let me pose with it la.. they also wanna eat 1 ma :P
while they were trying to figure out their cam....

Yen said my eyes looked scary in her cam... so...
i decided to close my eyes a lil! :P
Dot and the Antiques!!! (from top clockwise: Pui Yee, Carrere, Ley Yeem, Jow Liie, Lai Yen and ME!)
Em's not around.. that we all UNDERSTAND... but... CAROL's missing!!! aih... since she couldnt make it... we gave her an IMPORTANT tasK! Dot's prezzie HUNTING! :D

Carrere and Yen
Pui Yee
*ahem* some ppl tryin to act cool... hehe!
check out the legs... the LEGS!!! :P

Othello (a game commonly known as Reversi)
teehee! an OBVIOUSLY FAILED attempt to look HOT :P
the person holding the cam for this pic ought to be SHOT!!! it's BLUR!! and it's the ONLY 1 taken!! isH!
check out the legs once more! :P

Carrere SS-ing :P

i like this pic! so KAWAII eh?? she's SINGLE!!!
but NOT available *it's ok boys* due to studyin purposes :P
Got Brains and Beauty... wat summo u want??? Carrere hoh!!! :P
i..i... i'm LOST :P
teehee! at least this HOT-ness more berjaya! :P
this is what she learns in SCHOOL (sorry Yeem... just had to do it :P)
...Rules are meant to be BROKEN

i really had a great time laughing with u girls! and as Liie told me... we MUST do this MORE often!!! but no need go for so expensive food la... :D
13 years... or just 5 years of friendship... i count myself BLESSED for having u girls in my LIFE!