Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweet *sixteen*

Part 2: With Cellies!!
I call it FREAKY FRIDAY! you'll see...

the freaki-ness begins! with Foo and MAKE-UP!!!
me "tryin" to give Foo a hard time :P
had to be held back by Jay Sonn... ish! sick d summo wanna kena-kan me! *head-butts Jay Sonn*
Foo conteng-ing my face...
oh the HORROR!
i didnt know the damage til i saw the pics!! *yikes*

Foo added CURL-ies at the side of me eyes toO!
so i upgraded from zombie to EGYPTIAN-CLEOPETRA-MUMMY!

the horror ends! :D
On our way to McDs =)
cellies surprised me with a cake! so loves!!
i huffed and puffed and OFF the candle went! :D

and Leeza
then Amanda!
(now only i realised their names rhymed! :P)
see my pretty cake!
(p/s sweeties: noticed the many "Happy Birthdays??")

FINALLY! the cake cutting ceremony!
(i had to wait AGES for the knife cause SOMEBODY left the knife in the bag... and the bag AT HOME!!! :P so i used McD's knife :D) the cake tried attacking me...
but the Dot prevails!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

oh yes! did u notice in ALL the pics that i was seen cutting the cake... there's this BLUE shirt person (a GIRL) sitting next to me???
i knew she was HUNGRY... so i tot.. k la.. give u the bigger piece la... so i cut straight thru lo... BUT!!!
she insisted she wanted the BIGGER half!!!

like the BIGGER BIGGEST HALF!!! Grace... Grace... :P

cutting the cake aint no easy pie... it requires precision and STRENGTH (which i lack *blushes*) so i passed the duty to Jo and Amanda :D
check this out!!! click for enlarged view!
but just in case for those of you that are of AGE... it says:
Produced by strictest QA standards. Cooked from best materials and technologies.
Hope you can enjoy this particular delicious dish.
1st my matteress has a cert.. now even my cake has some QA standard thingy!!
talk about LOVIN the DOT!!! :P
then we have the ppl that didnt come to socialize with the QUEEN!! busy eating only... ish! :P
so i also eat lo! :P
wasnt feelin well.. so had to eat porridge... but it was YUMMY too! =)

Say AH!!!
thanks for the fun nite peeps!!! LOVE YOU ALL!! *muaxx!*