Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweet *sixteen*

PART 1: With sweeties from college
we went Japan-crazy! (remember that Japs LOVE Dot??? muahahahaha :P)

Round ONE :P
my Darlings =)
supposedly BLUSHING..
told ya Yue! my redness' toO H-O-T for ur cam-phone :P
*woohoo* my yummy-licious cake!
they remembered i dont like cheese cake!! :D

QUICK! make a wish before the CAKE BURNS!!
*phew* it's NOT burnt... so u know wat i wished for lo hoh?? hehe!
Dot to Joseph: SHADDAP la u! if u so cleva U CUT la!
Joseph to Dot: OK OK! Dot's the BEST! Dot's the PRETTIEST of them ALL!!! (muahahaha!)
*horny eye brows* guys out there... JEALOUS AR??? well... somethings just ARENT meant to be lo... :P
i no know wat was goin thru my mind then :P

Ooh Ooh!! Sweeties bought a new pair of shoes for me!!!
totally LOVE it! (altho it hurts a lil if worn for long periods of time... but what's beauty without a lil pain? :P)
*not much pics were taken due to the gloomy-beginning-of-the-day and the forgetfulness of the birthday-to-be girl... but all thanks to TECHNOLOGY that has FINALLY served the Dot SOME GOOD... we used Yue's cam phone and got the pretty pics u saw! =)