Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Part #(GRACE doesnt have that many fingers on 1 hand to count) 9: the FINALE!!!
i soO wanted to make this series 10 parts... but malas la.. shall keep that til NEXT YEAR when i visit another pulau! :D
anyone up for a JAW transplant??

this will be soO true if only i could dive... :D
million-dollar artifact from the ROMAN empire!!! washed ashore... :P

I'm LEAVIN... on a JET boat...
cousin (the lady) and cousin in-law
nephew and uncle

oh yes! Redang gave us a LIL adventure when we left...
our boat was toO big to... (i'm lost of words) park at the jetty? cause it was LOW tide!!
and the not-so-smart staff... AIH... knowing that the boat we were in is BIG!!! they SHOULD HAVE sent TWO smaller boats... BUT!!! they DIDNT lo... they sent 1... took 3/4 of the passengers... and left us... at the lower deck (which have walked to the
upper deck by now) in the BIG BOAT... TOSSING to the waves! -.-
i soO wished God'll freeze the sea to stop the boat from rocking!!! but i didnt pray for it la... was pretty close to puking... thank God i ate THE PILL!
the view of our BIG boat
in our small boat
a fuller view of the BIG boat
(not so full cause i was still motion sick-ed)
nearing the jetty....
some fishing boats... they look super old...


yet another 8 hours journey!!!
and we got blocked by a lorry filled with LOGS!!!
see the WOODS above the red Gen-2?

after a few DETOURS...

Daddy's fren gave us this on our way home... STUFFED CRAB (tasted weird)
STUFFED CRAB at Pak Su (tasted better... but it had SHELLS in it!!! ROAR!)
a closed up view
highlight of the nite!
SHARK!!!! it ISNT yummy at all! the skin was uber-thick!
plain gross!
ah... finally... some NORMAL food! butter prawn =)
mommy-can-cook-better VEGE
i've-tasted-better-salted-egg-crab CRAB
oh-so-weird-and-a-waste-of-money TOFU

i-made-Dot-smile FRIED CALAMARI! =)

in other words... Pak Su's a No-big-deal after all wat others have said of it!
but i still Thank God for FOOD =)

there u have it! all NINE parts of PARADISE!

~the end~