Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Day: 20.10.07
Location: Ancasa Resort, Port Dickson

p/s: Melissa... this one's for u! *wakakakakaka* :P

my blogger-sense has deteriorated ever since Sony fell ill... and having a bunch of guys that have minds of their own dont really make good camwhoring mates... so these are the only pics which the Dot took =)

went to Ancasa to shoot our promo vid for YOUTH CAMP 2007!!! *woohoo* CANT WAIT!!!

That's Kae Mern hoggin the food (he doesnt know of the existence of this blog! :P)

we were treated like VIPs!! ("I" being IMPORTANT :P)
free buffet!! (i guess there were about 10 courses *YUMMY*)

the FISH that bit my pinkie... now the Dot BITES BACK! *muahahaha*

Prawn!! i managed to remove the shells with my fork and spoon!!! *SKILLED* :P

i ate me vege toO! =)
*muahahahaha* sweet toothie anybody???
my fav! MUTTON & Potatoes!!! *drool-licious*
mousse!! and dry cupcake.

It was so fluffy and sweet-ee-licious! =)

hehe! while the boys were at the field shooting the Football Scene... i sneaked a lil cam whore session for meself at the "Puteri Gunung Ledang" hut! see the flowy white curtains behind me??? super lo-man-tik man! :P

wanna thank God for the good weather!!! i was the time keeper for the video-ing... duty was to follow the camera man and jot down the duration of each take... the boys had to be at mid field... they were kind enuf to let me stay at the hut (which had a FAN!!! :D) but!!! it was pretty hard for them to scream the time each time the "director" said "cut"

BUT!!! God is GOOD!!! oh-so-GOOD!!! He sent CLOUDS!!! and i could go to the field (after taking that SS pic that is :P)

it was a fruitful day! despite the tiredness, we had FUN! =)
and we were told it RAINED in PJ!!! GOD IS UBER GOOD!!! we had clouds but NOT a single drop of rain!!!