Saturday, October 20, 2007


Day: 15.10.07
Location: Sungkai Hot Spring, Perak

that... was 40-50 degrees celcius...
now what u are about to see.. is... BOILIN!!!
that aint no mist k...
we could smell sulfur along the way...
what's for lunch mom?
EgGIE!!! :D


daddy actually dipped his foot into that stream for more than MANY MINUTES!!!
i could barely survive for ONE MINUTE!
my HERO!

round and round the fishies swim... it's amazing how the school of fish swam, they really swam in CIRCLES!
i think this isnt hotspring water la... however, we did see 1 lil fishie in the HOT stream...
erm... mommy cooked glutenous rice and herbal eggs... we brought snacks...
it's pretty OBVIOUS we DIDNT see the sign lo... altho we parked right next to it... *lalala* :P