Friday, October 19, 2007


Goodness!!! If u DONT have the CAPACITY... DONT push it!!!

the Dot is UBER-PISSED rite now!!!!

1st they send some JOKER to space... thinkin it's such a BIG thing... but the FACT is... the JOKER is NOTHING but a PASSENGER!!!

besides filling the SCEPTIC TANK in the spaceship... he AINT contributing anything more!!!

has anything improved for us??? NO!

it's not like that JOKER qualified as a REAL astronaut... NO HE DID NOT! any Tom, Dick and Harry could have went for that course and got SELECTED!

i wasn't as pissed bout the whole space-shooting DRAMA! (i didnt want to DIRTY my blog with pathetic stories about PATHETIC ppl!)

BUT!!! now that MORE JOKERS are THROWN IN to the Dot's HAPPY life!!! i have to SPIT THEM OUT!!!

they REMOVED the ONLINE application for the student loan!

like DUH if u knew u COULDNT handle such TECHNOLOGY... just stick to the MANUAL way of doing things!!! (it's NOT like u're NOT used to being BEHIND TIME!!!)


no BOLD or EXTRA EXTRA LARGE fonts can express my anger!!!!