Thursday, October 04, 2007


Part #5: A New Day =)

where does the sun rise from??? the EAST!!!
which coast is the Dot on at Redang?? the EAST!!!
8 hours of car ride all the way to the EAST!! was i about to miss the SUNRISE??? TOTALLY NOT!
attempt #1 to see the sunrise... FAIL! due to a piece of cloud!!! argh!
so we decided to cam whore instead :P
see that piece of cloud blocking the red part of the sky??? yes... that PIECE!

i was kinda depressed... cause i slept at 10 and woke up at 6 just to view the sunrise and CLOUDS were all i got!! =(

BUT!!! is your God good? cause mine IS!!! (He knows BEST =) )
altho the sun has risen for quite awhile now...

but thanks to the clouds... i got this pic! =)
and this!
it's like lookin into the Heavens =)
looking for a desktop background? look NO more! :P

but was i satisfied??? not really... since it was an 8 hour car ride rite... :P
attempt #2 to see the sunrise:

dawn: 6.30 am
6.35 am
Prayin... God.. Please blow the clouds AWAY!!!
see the redness???

we didnt get to see the sun come out of the horizon... but at least we saw more redness this time! =)
almost DAY...
dear sunrise... when will we meet?
the reason we couldnt see the sunrise was...
...we prayed for clouds so we wont get fried while snorkeling :D

the highlight: our prayer WORKED! we had clouds all thru our stay! clouds that didnt fall as rain :D

this is my FAV pic! altho it looks kinda sunset-ee... :P
sneak peek: Pictures of the MOST poser family coming your way!


jo said...

awesome pics dot.... just awesome. = )

-dot- said...

:D more BEAUTIFUL ones coming up! :P