Thursday, October 04, 2007


Part #4: Welcome to Paradise

i'm not exaggerating... that's wat they call it- PARADISE!

view from the side of makan area

Spot the DIFFERENCE!!!

^ VS... (pic taken at the jetty of Terengganu)
... ^ (pic taken in Redang... DUH!!! :P)

hehe! enjoy the pics taken from different views =)

the sand was like POWDER!!!
my footprints :D
can u count my toes?

daddy caught a JELLYFISH!!! see.. this wouldnt happen in Port Dickson lo... reason?
1. the jellyfish might have just DIED due to POLLUTION before being caught by my daddy
2. daddy might have gotten stung by the jellyfish instead because he WOULDNT have seen it due to the MIRKY-ness of the water!

i guess the reasons given above are MORE than enough to back my point lo... :D

say hi to JELLO! now that i have named it... can i keep it daddy? PWEEASEE....
it would be one of THE most expensive pet 1 can have... cause taking ANYTHING, sea creature, DEAD or ALIVE from Redang would cost a fine worth RM 20 000!!!
so we had to let it go... and i'm not that cruel to take it from it's JELLY-frens :P

i couldnt take chorals home... but i can take PICTURES of chorals home! :D
they arent really pretty when dead (so no point takin home as souvenirs. But cousin said despite being dead... it can neutralize the water in an aquarium! cool eh?)...

dot's tot: just like most creatures... no matter how beautiful we maybe alive.. we'll turn pale and ugly upon breathing our last! so peeps! cherish INNER beauty! =)

More of Paradise COMIN UP!