Thursday, October 04, 2007


Part #3: Stuff-All-U-Can
BEFORE we head off to Paradise... u mite wanna take a look at ur eating area and our MENU =)
our 1st lunch...

all meals were buffet style... but trust me meal times didnt exactly drive me estatic...

it's fusion...

Dinner is served:

GIGANTIC sotong and UGLY fish
LAMB!!! this got me happy! now u know wat i had for dinner :D


Dad: GOOD MORNING REDANG!!!Chee Cheong Fun

Nephew and Cousin sis
Cousin-in-law the Cousin that i mention earlier... will use COUSIN to address him cause cousin-in-law's LONG! :P
Do-ROTI... got it? if not NEVERMIND! :P the Dot officially places Marmalade as her LEAST favourite jam... it's BITTER!!! *yucks*

Lunch 2:


THat's it!

shall we proceed to Paradise NOW??? :P


jo said...

i can't help it...
your dad's the funniest and cutest..... second to my daddy! wakakakak.... actaully they're both the same! wakakakak

-dot- said...

haha! i guess ROUND daddies just bring about this vibe =)