Thursday, October 04, 2007


PART #2: Laguna Redang Resort
Ladies and gentlemen, before we begin our journey in Paradise, please be reminded...

unless u want ur undies to be STOLEN :P

strictly keep to this order :P

Before we go to Paradise, let's take a tour round our Resort and see your room =)
yup! that's our name!
that's US! and a sneak preview of Paradise
these will be your room keys
this is your (Dot's) room
to open the door, stick the metal-lookin-but-it-could-be-plastic-piece into the knob (the arrows must be alligned)
turn the knob RIGHT and.. VOILA!

stick the same piece into the power area... and..
let there be LIGHT! :P
the toilet! oops!

i meant THE TOILET :P shower area...
PANG SAI area :P

then turn off ALL LIGHTS in Redang... and u'll get...

the night view of US
do NOT click for enlarged version because this pic is BLUR :P
blurness courtesy of the night mode and the lacking of technolgy-the absence of an anti-shock mode -.-