Thursday, October 04, 2007


Part #1: Road to Paradise

3 AM!!! mind u!!!
i planned not to sleep after cell... but i had a migraine since Friday morning... -.- and i had to do as much of my micro assignment b4 i left... which DOUBLED my migraine... so had to sleep lo (for AN HOUR ONLY!!!)

thru out the journey when the sun was down, i was wide awake... chatted with my cousin and listened to my dad and my cousin's conversation... the highways were DARK! there were NO streetlights, just reflectors... *ladilada*

4 hours later...

we were all hungry!! any longer... i would have chewed on my mom's EAR! (she was sittin nx to me :D) didnt wanna eat the snacks cause cousin said there's this kopitiam with VERY NICE toast, so die die must keep my stomach for GOOD FOOD rite Grace? :P

it was my cousin's 1st time driving to Terengganu... so we were actually direction-LESS (geniuses didnt think of getting a map and neither did they try asking for directions...MEN!)

1/2 an hour later...

err... it was pretty obvious that this aint the KOPITIAM mentioned la.. cause it aint OPEN!!! (and cousin said the Kopitiam we're looking for is the TALLEST building around)

but tot the name was pretty LAME... so took a pic of it lo!

*ahem* if u didnt get it... the name meant "DI SINI", "HERE" in BM

After a few more minutes...

"MUAHAHAHAHA! this HAD to be the place", tot the Dot
and true enuf it was! (err... actually MOST of this post is about this kopitiam lo... if u wanna see PARADISE... (that's y i said ROAD to Paradise) u have to stay tuned to me blog! :P)

Hai Peng is its name...
but then again... we think it could be the name of this girl toO! cause the only pics of ppl on the BIG BOARD of the kopitiam is this pic and a pic of an elderly man... so...

the food =)
more of the food :P
toast with peanut butter and BANANA
dont ask... i have no idea why they had that combination

Garlic bread!! me loves!! :P
Nasi Dagang... do NOT be deceived by this pic... it's actually very SMALL!!! (yet it cost RM 1.50!!! per pax!!!)
it's nasi pulut (glutenous rice) and FISH! i didnt bother tryin cause me no like fish... and it didnt look appetizing AT ALL! u might be wondering the same thing as i wondered... where's the CHILLI???
which leads me to tell u an embarrassing story about my dad...
he didnt know there were sauces for the nasi dagang beside the basket of nasi dagang(s)!!! aih... *shakes head*
so yeap! he and my uncle finished the packet of rice WITHOUT chilli -.- what's worse?? he gave a packet to my cousin and cousin sis.. they had to finish it without chilli toO! *wakakakakakakaka*

eat this, COFFEBEAN! :P

if u have noticed... this kopitiam existed since 1940... so can u imagine how the deco would be like?
let's see if the ambiance of the kopitiam matches ur imagination =)

see the young gal and the elderly man? :P
this could have been the lil girl's mom... or maybe just some POSER! :P

u've seen a bumble bee fly... u've even seen an ELEPHANT fly... but...

have u seen a TRICYCLE fly???

callin all gadget freaks!!!

on ur left is a RADIO, next to it, a MINI sewing machine and beneathe both, a CAMERA!!!

ALL antiques!!! =)

an old dressing table...
but warning all ye' VAIN PODS! dont go near it, PLEASE!! cause it's most prolly an antique toO, u wont wanna CRACK IT! :P

tick tock, tick tock... the mouse would have a hard time running up and down these...


50 years of independence... this is THE EVIDENCE that our country has moved forward...
a website for a KOPITIAM babeh!!! :P

enuf of kopitiams before Yue stones me :P let's continue our journey to Paradise shall we?

Redang, this way (follow the arrow)

Redang, THIS WAY!!!
hehe! my pupils enlarged when i saw this BIG arrow! i bet some jokers must have run down the small ones... hence they put on the BIG ones! notice the many legs this arrow has compared to the small arrow?


there's sign of the SEA!!! HURRAY!!!
but it aint BLUE!!! *AIHHH*

then we made a detour... it was worth it, cause we found the infamous...

BATU BERSURAT, Terengganu!!!

historical artifact le!!!

A floating mosque! not really floating la... rather built on stilts :D
RONALDO tree! (hint: remember the joker from Brazil in the past 2 World Cup?)

8 hours later... seriously... ARE WE THERE YET???ALMOST!!! just a BOAT RIDE away!
but it's an HOUR long... -.- that's y we had to take THE PILL!

after 8 hours of car ride... we had to wait half an hour more! *ARGH*

so.. the cam-whoring BEGINS!!! :P

mom and i dad and uncle
happy family! =)
my boarding pass to board the boat
in the boat!!! we're almost... ALMOST there!!!
we're leaving the jetty!!! almost ALMOST ALMOST there!!!

dear readers,

pls be patient... because there are HUNDREDS of pics to be uploaded... (cant glue myself to the com cause i've got midterms comin up this SAT itself) this is just the BEGINNING, stay tuned for more!! :D