Friday, October 05, 2007


Part #6: Oh soO Loves

^The FAMILY- upon reaching Redang =)


warning!! if you are DIABETIC... do NOT scroll down any further!!!! because the images u are about to view are uber SUGAR-puffed-SWEET-pea-FYIN!!!

day 1: loves... but oh the KAKU-ness!

later in day 1: IMPROVEMENT! there's a SMILE!!! =)
day 2: still smiling... but STILL kaku-fied!!!
this is where the DAUGHTER comes in!! :P explanation: i had to tell them... HOLD THE WAIST LA!!! :D

now repeat after me: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!
*teehee* it's kinda weird seeing my parents holding hands... it's soO MUSHY!!!
but HEY! they are humans toO! with AFFECTION!!! *goosebumps* SHWEEEET! =)

i'm really thankful for me parents! if it werent for them... i wouldnt have had a chance to enjoy such a BEAUTIFUL holiday! *LOVES* =)

hehe! enuf of Lovey Dovey moments from the HAPPY COUPLE...

it's BOLLYWOOD moment NOW!!!


the Script Writer- Mom
The MAIN actress :P
but they say my run a bit cacat... sorry la.. Dot aint no athlete :P so...

the DIRECTOR had to show the Dot how to run THE Bollywood RUN!

the things family do! =)

now for a change of ROLES... :P

the Happy Couple's BACK in action!
hehe! as Directed by... hehe! u know who la! :P

(who said parents arent FUN? i know mine ARE! :D)

ok ok... lets have some SANE family moments k... :P
Daddy's camera-shy NOT! :P

Niece and HOT aunt :P

The Family

the TANs getting a TAN ;)
the SS mom and daughter!
as they always say... the world has CHANGED... it's no longer mom teaching daugther... it's the OTHER WAY ROUND! :P
mom was a good student :P

mhuy DADDY!

my look-alike :P

the HOT-stuffs (reminder: you are reading Dot's Blog :P)

*oops* altho i promised sane moments... but with DOT around... hehe! expect the UNEXPECTED la! :P

he's an UNAUTHORIZED driver!!!! YHELPS!!! back to sanity :P

when u wish upon a STAR... *ladilada* your wishes WILL COME TRUE!!! now.. what if...

u wished upon two HOT STARS??? *ngek ngek ngek* (reminder: you are reading DOT's Blog)

Bon Voyage!!

wasnt so BON afterall... you'll find out why... maybe in part #8! :P