Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've Finally Found SOMEONE

or should i say someTHING :P

introducing Dot's Dream Camera!

Sony Cyber-shot T200!!!

anybody kind and generous enough to make Dot's Dream come true???

Christmas IS coming!!!

where's my TRUE LOVE when u need him!!! (i dont need 364 gifts... i just need ONE!!!)



lolita said...

lolz..nice ryte?
haha wat happen to the old sony boy?

-dot- said...

haha! old sony boy's still fine... but NEW sony boy's BETTER! hehe!

i can only get new Sony boy mid of next year la... planning to work to get it :D

how's u doin? saw u in sun service last sun... waved like a mad woman from the attendance counter buy u didnt see me =(


jo said...

after buying you this camera, i don't think your TRUE love's got money to buy you anymore stuff.... kekeke....

-dot- said...

WAKAKAKAKAKA! it's ok la... cause 1 cam will make me happy for PRETTY LONG :P