Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dont Shoot Me!

as seen in the title... i'm sorry for the lack of updates!!! but dot's BUSY!!! i know this sounds unbelievable... but it's TRUE!!! assignments... FINALS!!! ROAR!!! so here's something to keep the numbers in my blog counter rolling :D


the weather's been exceptionally WET this time round... today i had to buy an UMBRELLA! which i tot was pretty... but now that i look at it again... it's... too... FLOWERY! oh well! it served me good tho! and i got my money REIMBURSED by mommy! :P (should have bought the snoopy one instead! *lalala* :P)

oh oh! this blog's been lacking some of Dot's-DEEP-and-WISDOM-filled thingies... so ere's something FIGURATIVELY spoken! :P

despite the winds and storms that might come your way, KNOW that after each storm, there's always a...

RAINBOW! (wow! didnt know rainbow's 7 letters!! *blushes*)
you just have to lift your head up and look for it =)

or you can always look next door and call for the...

altho she's not striking any cute pose here... but she's 1 baby that melts my heart! (makes me wanna be a mom too! *blushes* :P)

hehe! now for a time of Dot's NAIK KERETA cari MAKAN! (walking to get food is soO LAST Tuesday! :P)

Location: somewhere in Puchong (gimme a break la! i'm the HOST, the PRODUCER, the CAMERA-girl, the DIRECTOR! how can u expect me to remember the location when i'm NOT the driver? :P)

repeat after me: (in Chinese) chiang chiang goon

it simply means...

see! my "show" very muhibah one! it's BILINGUAL! :P

UNFORTUNATELY... my lovely assistant forgot to notify the restaurant that DOT was comin... so...

we had to WAIT -.-THIS was the REASON! CHECK OUT THE CROWD!!!

The journey begins! =)
Heat up the WOK!
Prepare the sauce!

slice up the Ingredients!
(can you guess what's this?)

Poke, PoK, PORK!!!
i'm obviously tryin to be artsy-fartsy here as Foo would put it... but SONY's not that canggih... HOWEVER!!! i still LOVE him! cause he BEHAVED through out this journey :D


Baby-Octo's fine with me...
but BABY-prawns!!! for QUEEN DOT??? yau mou kau chor!

see my 2 lovely assistants! ENJOYING themselves when i was doin ALL the HARDWORK! :P

guess the taste!
SPICY? Flamin HOT??

Dot's HOTTER la! :P
it's SWEET!!!
the Kimchi's SWEET!!! spicy's the aftertaste... but it's SWEET!!! *fail*
and last i know... KIMCHI's from KOREA! *FAIL*

does it deserve this sticker??

if they fed me for free... MAYBE!

it's RM 25 each! (that's y...tip of the day: always bring your "assistants" aka PARENTS with you when u wanna attempt NOT-coffeeshop food :P)

in conclusion: KOREAN BBQ's BETTER!!! *wink* Jo *wink*

Hosted by: Dot the HOT! :P


jo said...

two thumbs up again for korean BBQ!!!! drrooll..... ish you and your best friend (EM!) always blog about food. Make me the very hungry!!! sob sob......feeed meeeeeeeeeeee!

-dot- said...

-.- go AUST pig all u want la! :P
have fun dearie!
since christmas' comin...
REMEMBER DOT when u shop! :P