Monday, December 17, 2007

birthday BIRTHDAYS!!!

Just when you think it's the end of the YEAR... no one... i repeat, NO ONE escapes the wrath of AGE!!!

something i learnt today...
i dunno wat u've been told...
someone here is getting OLD! :P

it is December... and i've got 3 birthday babies on my list!

birthday baby #1: (6th Dec)


Manda posing with the gift we got for Grace cause Grace's camera shy... NOT!

Happy Birthday Dearie!

u are a blessing to the cell and u're a ball of FUN!
GRACE ROCKS! (now say u love me! :P)

Birthday baby #2: (coincidently... 6th Dec too!)

Antique Carol Lee!

we went to The Apartment, Curve and this time... we sat at the bathroom area!

this calls for MORE camwhoring! *winks*

across the table: Liie and Yeem
Liie: WHeRe's Our FOOD???
Yeem: haha! i smart! i ate a lil before comin :P

before we started chewing the toilet paper... the FOOD came!

chicken in a bag!! FOOD-e-licious!

*something* Fish
say chEeEeEse!!
tossed pasta (i still prefer CARBONARA!!!! :D)


ish! i cant remember the name of this!!!

it's Strawberry something.... (like DUH it's strawberry rite?? :P)

chocolate pudding!!! LOVED IT!!!

after a good time of MAKAN-ing... what better way to let the food settle than ANOTHER SESSION of camwhoring??? :P

the CHRISTMAS deco at Curve was pretty!! so... HEHEHE!

the birthday girl- Carol
SMILE!... BORING!!! so Dot decided to act!

brr... so COLD!!! :P

Birthday baby #3: (exact date UNKNOWN! :S)

just a pic of the food we had cause i was busy PIGGIN after the 1st dish... and shy la.. all my relatives not warmed up to my bloggin craze :P

the birthday gal!!! my GRANDMA! :D
so cute eh she? she's MINE! :P

family pic! =)
hehehe! she's the coolest and MOST patient lady!!!
once again... ignore the POSER brother :P

all eyes on the Hot miss Tan and Mrs Tan :P

Happy Birthday my SWEETIES!!!



lolita said... u wore a tube?
as i recall u weren't exactly fond of wearing those stuff ryte?
haha..u look psst...HOT!!

-dot- said...

yerr... ppl shy d *blushes* :P

i wanted to wear something over it 1.. BUT!!! havent buy... *wakakkakaka*