Sunday, December 16, 2007

Busy Dot!

busy busy BUSY!!!!
wat's keepin Dot all BUSY???
stay tuned as i cont bloggin :D

the FINAL day of me FINALS!!! (this was LAST LAST Friday :P)

after me final paper... we had our CF Christmas Bash!!! :D

sweeties couldnt make it for the event cause they had to go dance for OLD uncles :P
*ahem* just in case ur minds are as dirty as the sewage!!! it was no erotic dance k!

so they stopped by just to cam whore before we dont see each other for the next MONTH!!! *sobb*
hehe! our long time MIA trademark pic!
love u gals! MUAX!

the registration "team" :P actually it was just the TWO of us la... wakakakaka!

these pics were taken hours BEFORE the event started la! :P

my LOVE! *shivers* :P

erm... he's happy... but just a lil CONFUSED :P

the DECO!!!

nice le??? each "snowflake's" DIFFERENT! it's the result of Steph's STRESS! (she cut these snowflakes when she felt stressed for her finals)

see peeps! STRESS could be something BEAUTIFUL! ;)

just when u think Dot's the UNTIMATE camwhore...
hold on TIGHT to ur seats as i present to u...

the KING of camwhore-land!!!
his name is AGUNG! cool eh?? :D

drawing courtesy of Agung =)

more updates comin up!