Monday, January 28, 2008

Adventures of the NOOBS!

after a session of STRESS!!! i think i should do something i LIKE! (altho Bleach-ing's something i'd like to do...) since i've been neglecting me blog!!! *poor blog* :P

Date: 19/1/2008
Location: Puchong!!!

on one faithful Friday, Yue somehow talked me into joining the Leo's on their visit to an old folk's home and an orphanage home...

sunset (on Fri) and sunrise (on Sat)...
at 10am!!! we met in Coll... and the Journey BEGAN!

a convoy of NOOBS... roaming from 1 end of Puchong...
ringing up anyone they knew possible of directions...

one HOUR later!!!

is this it??? are we there???

the answer was... NO! we stopped at the wrong place!!! *sigh*

the Journey continues...
round and round the merry go round...
mission find TAMAN LUCKY!!! (figuratively speakin altho i do NOT believe in luck... LUCK wasnt on our side *drops head in disappointment*)

FINALLY!!! --> the watch showed 12 pm!!! (not the exact time la... but roughly la...)

our lil treat to them... KAI FAN! :D

KULI at work :P
destination #1
a test on your GREEN knowledge!
wat are the 3 Rs?? Reuse... Re(fill in the blank) and RECYCLE!!!

eh! y only 1 KULI working??? where's the other 1??? :P

hehe! dont mess with these HOT Kuli(s) k!
yes... all 3 of us also KULI... i was the KULI with the CAMERA :P

destination #2
with Wern Sern smiling on thinkin: " thank goodness we found the place... or else... the girls will KILL me!!!"
well... u thot RIGHT!!! (Wern Sern was the LEADER of the NOOBS! need i say more???)

after a NOT so joy-ful ride...
we decided to unwind by... CAMWHORING!!!

Joel: i think the orphanage's there!
Dot: No Joel... u're sitting by its GATE!
(obviously he was just trying to LOOK cool in the point-somewhere-which-is-actually-NOwhere pose!)
guess who's the BIGGER baby!!! :P

see! the HOT kulis are in action again!
just in case Yue looks like she's just WASHING HER HANDS... she was washing some plates b4 i asked them to smile at the cam la :P
HOT kulis takin a break :D

didnt know which was nicer... so just put both here la :P

MORE updates comin soon!