Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sleepin Beauties!!!

woohoO! my very FIRST sleepover!!! =)

Location: Sab's place
Beauties: Sab, Yue and DOT!

Yue K.O-ed right after bathing... so Sab and i decided to b NOTTI! *mischievous smile*
Yue- the Sleepy Head
Dot- (as Yue would say...) the Lil Rascal!!! :P

HOWEVER! this sleepin beauty woke up suddenly...

and slept in the luggage bag!

hehe! no la... we were just tryin if we could fit into Sab's luggage so she could bring us to TAIWAN!!! *miss u gal!!!*

*the cockerel crows*

Sab- the Tea Lady!
despite a nite's long of sleep... the Sleepy Head still looked SLEEPY!!! :P

the Tans ...and presenting... the new Tan... Tan Cha! (in cantonese: drink tea :P)

hmm... 3 beauties... having breakfast in Klang... wat to eat le? wat else???

and me fav to-go-with... YAU CHAR KUAI :D

SEGi's "sam chi fa" *blushes* NOT! :P

pls excuse the stoned face... i took this pic to show to my dad the length of the pants... in HOPES he'll buy it for me... HOWEVER... *pouts*

after some hardcore EXERCISE with Cellulite Zapper Jusco-I-So-Like-to-Walk,
these two pigs decided to PIG OUT at Big Apple...

and we noticed something rather... ABSURD...
a box of 12 donuts is RM17... okay...
a box of 6 donuts is RM9.50... fair enough cause u buy less ma... (it's the bulk effect- buy more= cheaper)
2 boxes of 6 donuts is RM 19... WHAT'S THE RATIONAL BEHIND IT???
if i wanted 6 donuts and was with some1 that would like 6 donuts too... and since we dont live together... we would need 2 boxes to separate our donuts... we could pay the RM19 and get our 2 boxes... BUT!!! we could also pay the RM 9.50 each to get our box of donuts!
so... here... we see something called REDUNDANCY!

what if i was as blur as ever... and wanted 12 donuts???
what if i didnt notice the box of 12 donuts was RM 17 and gotten the 2 boxes of donuts instead for RM 19???
what if i suck soO badly in maths that i didnt know RM9.50 + RM9.50= RM19 and fell for the seemingly bulk effect??

In Conclusion...
the get 2 boxes of 6 donuts for RM 19 sign SHOULDNT be there!
because it either shows that the management in Big Apple is a lil dense... or it shows their desire to CONfuse us users!

while my dearies were eating...

the Dot was emo-ing!!! cause i didnt get to buy what i wanted *POUTS*

but then again... i must admit...
i had a GREAT time with me girls!!!

thanks girls for the support that u've given me!!! i know you all will hold me hand and be there with me =)

much loves, MUAX!!!