Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sleepin Piggy and the 7 Hotties

by POPULAR demand... the Dot has taken time out from her BUSY schedule to BLOG!!! *everybody say WOOHOO!*

Enjoy the pics k! =) (loads of effort in sorting uploading and CAPTIONIZING them!!)

Pictures until "Director: WOI! wrong picture la!" courtesy of Sony

dinner at Island Cafe, SS2

Jo Lynn, the Master of Blonde Moments

Sandra, the Giggle-er
Grace and Julian, the SS duo!
see what i MEAN???
it's no wonder why Sony's throwing tantrums! :P

the Oldies
*cracking sound* YIKES!!! Sony's lenses CRACKED!!!! :P

The Scrumptious-lookin-but-not-so-tasty food!

p/s: with Grace and FOOD around... u're promised a GOOD LAUGH! here it goes!
tasty-licious eh?
Grace: eh, that piece left... u dont want ar?
Dot: what piece? THAT piece?

dear readers... this is a close up pic of THE piece... what does it look like to u???

hint: it's something i wont eat... but Grace might! :P

the answer...
Dot: THAT piece?? it's a BONE la!!!
*laughters from everyone else around the table*

-the End-

quote of the day:
"when coke and water cost almost the same... you say... FUYOH!!"
-Grace Lim-
the Designer WANNABE!!!

what u are about to see is a teaser of the Century's MOST WAITED Dot-the-FairyTale...

so... will Grace's hair be MAGGIE-fied???
stay tuned to find out!

Elizabeth and notti Jo!

next morning in Curve


*disney-like music plays*
Narrator: Once upon a time in the land of Mutiara Damansara...
stood a building called Surian Condominiums...
okay fine... actually Surian Condos consist of a few more buildings la... :P

surrounds by "trees" of BRICKS...
and Fortied by walls of cement...

lived a princess that was told to drink lots of water???
Director: WOI! wrong pic la!

we interrupt this production with more pictures of our dinner @ Island Cafe
in search of the correct pic...
fr left: Amanda, Jo and Xanna
with additions of Dot and Sandra :D

the PA: FOUND IT!!! we found the picture!

Narrator:... fortified by walls of cement...
Lived Sleepin Piggy and the Seven Hotties!

the cast from left:
Hottie #1: Cam-Shy Rita Foo
Hottie #2: Eat-Lots Amanda Loong
Sleepin Piggy: Joann Koo
Hottie #3: Bimbo Jo Lynn
Hottie #4: Grace Lim the MOAP
Hottie #5: Giggles-unstop-able Sandra
Hottie #6: BlushyDot

Guest Apperance: Tay Jay Sonn as Panas Jay

okay... i know most of the readers here are somewhat INTELLECTUAL... u mite have noticed the title of this Dot-the-FairyTale is Sleepin Piggy and the 7 Hotties... but!!! we stopped at Hottie #6... so what happened to Hottie #7???

the producer's explanation: due to the fact that this production took place in somewhere called MALAYSIA... there ought to be someone that holds TIGHTLY to the culture of MALAYSIAN TIMING! (dear foreign readers *should there be any* :P to understand this BOO-t-FOOL culture... just add 30 mins to the actual appointment time)

BlushyDot: aiyo... no la... Panas Jay just went out to fetch Hottie #7.. she'll be joining us soon!


Eat-Lots Manda decided to get a bath...

yes HAM-SAP readers! this is all you'll get!
pictures taken AFTER this shot is for SAFE KEEPING! :P

Bimbo Jo and Grace the MOAP decided to follow Panas Jay out to fetch Hottie #7

oh yes! check out our MAGIC CARPETS! it has this MAGICAL ability to make us feel sleepy... u'll see...

If you wonder what we (Sleepin Piggy and the 7 Hotties) do round the clock... wonder-NO-more, cause all we do is camWHORE! (it rhymes!!!)

this is how Grace the MOAP looks like when she isnt around food...

Sleepin Piggy and the 7 Hotties Fun Facts:
notice why Grace isnt Sleepin Piggy? cause she needs not a prince to kiss her to awaken her... all she needs is... FOOD! ;)

contradictory to the believe that we are PRO camwhores... some of us still need practice...

this picture looks like a perfect shot taken by PRO camwhores dont cha think?
HOWEVER... evidence suggest...
3 ppl should be in this shot!

as the saying goes... PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT... almost there...

but dont take too long... cause some might just fall ASLEEP!!!

spot the hot! see Hottie #7??? Kawaii-Liz!!

now that everyone's here...

let the FEAST begin!
see that face??? SEE THAT FACE??? no???

then take a CLOSER look!
Cam-Shy Rita: Grace, pass me the water...
Grace the MOAP: FooOooOooOOD...
Grace the MOAP thinks: which should i eat first? WHICH SHOULD I EAT FIRST??? stress stress STRESS!!!
Eat-Lots Manda dreams: lying on a bed of ChipsMore dough!!!

eh...hehehe... *blushes*

be HAPPEE readers! cause we've managed to capture a shot of Cam-Shy Rita!

PA: okay readers... the narrator's a lil tired... so u all just let the pics tickle ur funny bone la k!

BlushyDot: me likee this pic!!! it's so PINK!

P.A: everybody standby! the Narrator's BACK!

Narrator: Remember the promised i made u earlier?? Grace + Food= a GOOD LAUGH!
follow the arrow...

p/s Grace: i didnt want to do this to u... but... but.. BUT!!!

despite the camera being panned away from Grace...
she NEVER fails to get its attention back! :P

Princess by day... Peculiar Gold Digger by night??? :D

Let's Play!

Bimbo Jo: err... it's... it's... ah! STRESS!
Giggles-Unstop-able Sandra: erm... ok... i still dont get u Jo...
Sleepin Piggy: i know! the answer is... *scroll down*

Dot: now u know wat goes on our cell leader's mind... :P


they mite have won... but they dont have TEAMWORK when it comes to being...

BlushyDot: U no kill me No u MAFIA!
i just hates it when i die the first few rounds *pouts*
however... i make a HOT ghost! :P
the town sleeps... zZzzzZzz...
Dot: hehe! Sandra's soO cute in this pic!

Narrator: HOWEVER! woe is to the one that's cute...
for she...
will be...
a cute ghost too! :D

Director: *Snores*
P.A: i think we better carry on with our Round the Clock Agenda...

Paint me Lovely!

BlushyDot's toes before...
the fine Artist...
a lil paint here... a lil color there... and...

there's more to it!
the Beautifier!!
the creators
of this MASTERPIECE!!!
Narrator: it's paint me LOVELY... not paint me SILLY!!!
BlushyDot: oops! *blushes*

now that's LOVELY... =)

the Sleepy-godMother: bibidibobidiBOO! go to sleep dearies, cause i want to sleep TOO! (it rhymed again! :P)
see the magic of our MAGIC carpet kickin in???

nitey nites ppl!

tick tock TICK TOCK
Round the Clock...
The Sun's up, Wake up!
Says the Cock.

through the mountains and the valleys... Sleepin Piggy and the 7 Hotties went in search for YummyBerries!

left, right, up and down... crossed roads like rivers and turned at Junctions...
they reached the CURVE! (woohoo! LAME le??? :P)

Brunch Time @...
..., the Curve

Cam-Shy Rita: enuf of pics la... can i eat now???

in Conclusion... u missed it Grace!
p/s: Grace, Liz and Jo Lynn couldnt join us for brunch cause Grace and Jo Lynn had worship team meeting whereas Liz had to go for service cause she couldnt make it for Sat service.

before we leave u... here's a sneak peek of our NEXT production!

S for... SANDRA!
SANDRA... protecting the lil town of Silly Tunes from the Sizzling Hot Dot!!!

oh Sandra... our HERO!!!

oh oh! so WHAT HAPPENED TO GRACE's hair???
actually nothing la... we just left it as it is... everybody just forgotten about the hair curling thing ESPECIALLY Grace herself when she saw the pool of junk! :P

hehe! hope u've enjoyed our lil production!
that's all folks!

this is brought to u by the HotStuffs of SS18 Coll Cell!

oh oh! one final (i know it's just the 2nd... but still!!!)
Sleepin Piggy and the 7 Hotties Fun Facts:

what happens when u combine Lil Miss Naughty and Lil Miss Chatterbox???
u get... your dotty DOT the HOT! :P

Produced by Dot
Directed by Dot
Narrator: Dot
P.A... whoelse??? DOT LA!!! :P

pictures after "Director: WOI! wrong picture la!" courtesy of Jo Koo!


jo said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! i can't believe you posted up all our INTIMATE moments!!!!!!! ARRGGGHHHH!!! SHY NESSSS!!!!!
you ar.....hehehehehe will cekik you lovingly when i get back! muahahahahahahahahaha
it was a fun night wasnt it? heheheh

nice narration. Every picture flowed nicely eh? thank goodness i was trigger happy that night. if not you won't hve a lovely production! Good thing I have an urge to BLOG TODAY TOO!! so wait for my blog entry.

PS/ MISS you guys!

take care hugs....


-dot- said...

hehe! i didnt post all... i didnt post the BLUR ones! :P

yup! it was a beautiful flow.. i didnt have to rearrange the pics to come up with the story... guess the HOT-ness' just boils and overflows from within each of us la! :D

now we dont have as many makan sessions d... :(


jo said...


it's a NEW SEASON!

SEASON TO DIET! wakakakakakakaka..........

tell grace that. hehehehe

no la, bring food lor. Back to basics babe. Hehehehe hugs!

-dot- said...

hehe! yup! i tots bout thats too!

not bad ar... altho different time zone.. our brainwaves still bersama-sama!!! :P