Friday, February 22, 2008

Memoirs of a Cell Leader

Dearest Jo has left for Australia to further her studies in hopes of becoming a licensed DRUG DEALER...

in memories of her?? NO... that sounds wrong... hmm... in APPRECIATION of her?? is that better :D OK!

in APPRECIATION of our dearest cell leader, we made her a scrapbook! here are the pages from cover to cover :D

loads of thanks to those that went to help out!!!
and EXTRA thanks to LEEZA FOO for being our master of ARTS!!! :D
i dont know bout u guys... but i personally think the book's BEAUTIFUL!!! :D

hours before all chinese in M'sia had their reunion dinner...

D Dot is lost for words to describe this pic

those that went to see Jo off (from her house)

Prize Givin Ceremony
from the cell
from Karen
from Jo.G

Releasing her with our Prayers =)

Huggies Moment!

check out that SEXAY back!

Jo: should we do it?
Julian: should we do it?Dot: YEAP! they did it... -.-"
aww... the sweet side of Grace...
ok! forgive me... Sony took a shot before Grace's true-self came... the SS MOAP!!! (hehe! Grace ar... now u have 5 alphabets attached to ur name... as time goes on ar... i believe u'll have all A-Z lo! hmm... i should add that to my 2008's resolution!!! SEE HOW MUCH I LOVE U!!! :P)

one last shot of the faithful KELISA! and those that have been served by it! we'll miss u!!!

most of all... i represent the coll cell of SS18 and say...

Jo Koo...