Monday, January 21, 2008

Antiques Unite!

What was the gathering for again???
Well... when it comes to getting the Antiques together... there's NO need for a reason! :D

*sadness fills me* Sony's sick AGAIN!!! that's cause i didnt send him to the doc la... but but but... *pouts*

so camera testing...
testing 1... 2...
3! :P (a face that says... "Why has my camera failed me??? WHY???"

anyways! back to HAPEE TOTS! :D

We had our dinner at BBQ Plaza *yummy*

For those that have NOT been to BBQ Plaza... let Dot Dot share with u on How to Make the Sauce :D

Step #1
Squeeze the lime given into the base sauce

Step #2

Add in as much garlic to your heart's desire (you can always ask for more! ;) )
For those that dislike garlic... you dont know wat you're missing out on just skip this step BUT DONT BLAME ME WHEN YOUR MEAL DOESNT TASTE AS NICE! :P

Step #3

Finally, add in some, i repeat SOME cili padi (notice the use of BM here?? that's cause i dont know what it's called in English *SHY*) unless you wanna be HERO or to impress your friends or this special girl... BUT DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU!!! YOU DONT WANNA CRY LIKE A BABY ON THAT FATEFUL DAY!!

p/s: should you forget what u've learnt here today... shameonyou! it's alright! you can always refer to the How To Cook paper on the table :D

the hot pan- Before...
the ingredients :D and Yeem! your lovely chef of the day! :D

and the other chefs :D (yes... we cooked our own meal :D) Liie and Carrere

*ahem* it's the pan that's steaming HOT! :P

are you drooling yet????
cause i am!!!
ooh! these bacon just melts in your mouth!!!

watcha lookin at?
the Hot Pan... After...

CamWhore Session!
Yeem and Dot
Liie Dot and Carrere- take 1
Liie Dot and Carrere- take 2

Liie Dot and Carrere- take 3 FINALLY!!!

i just love spending time with you girls! =)

after makan... there's MORE!!
a love triangle! *shocks*
Rex (a random name) chose me!
MUAX! *blushes*

poor Liie got cut out of the pic

fuiyo!!! check those legs out!!! hot hot HOT!!! but mine hotter! i didnt want to melt the camera... so didnt show :P

a display of NOSTRILS!!!
as the pic says...

i LOVE you!!!