Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two Guys and A Girl in CookBook


Enoch Lee
Basil Foo
Dot Tan (also the Producer *hehe SS :P*)

Guest starring:

Leeza Foo
and licky-Ernie!

Welcome to the very FIRST episode of CookBook!
since this the FIRST, we've decided to do BREAKFAST! :D

I'll let the pics do MOST of the talking :D

the first pancake that turned out GOLDEN brown :D

multi-tasking! we i mean THEY did pancakes on 1 side of the pan and french toast on the other! KENG le???
here at CookBook, we ONLY give u the BEST *SS moment again :P*

after much PRACTICE...
see it's BEAUTIFUL color???
see the ROUND-ness of its shape???
MAMA-MIA! *hehe*

after messing up the kitchen... i mean... burning lots of pancakes... i MEAN... oh y bother?? all that matters is the OUTCOME rite???

Dot's home cooked scramble eggs! :D (i REALLY made that k! :P)

Pancakes and French toast

Breakfast is SERVED!

Basil Foo (did most of the cooking, and thanks for allowing us to mess up ur kitchen)
Enoch Lee (for drivin all the way to Puchong for the very FIRST time and NOT get lost! well done! and cleaning up :D)

thank you (reader) all for reading!
have a nice day!

~ CookBook was brought to u by Dot =) ~


whazoole said...

we have a production title too! next up, podcasts! gj producerdot

-dot- said...

wat's podcast? and GJ?? *lalalala* SHY!