Wednesday, April 09, 2008


#1. Why so long never blog?
answer: cause no inspiration la...

#2. Why yr post no pics 1?
answer: cause Sony and Dot's not in the mood for pics...

#3. What have u been up to la?
answer: assignments, datelines, quizzies, and assignments!

#4. So sad ar ur life?
answer: NOT TRUE!

#5. THEN?
answer: HAPPENING stuff i've done since the last time i blogged:

a. watched BROKEN! an in house production by members of GTPJ!!! (i planned to grab pics from Nick and Daniel (our 2 cameramen with the canggih-fied cams and not to mention SKILLS ;) ) but... I NO TIME!!! reason? refer to answer for question #3 :P)
but i know i should la... cause they did a GREAT job! fine... i WILL get the pics after i finish this post! :D

b. i went for SEGi's very first sports day! (it's happening cause ADP organized it :P) [29/3/2008]

c. i PARTICIPATED in most of the games! and didnt get injured!!! (Praise the Lord!)

d. went to Shogun for the 1st time with the youth camp committee 07' (6/4/2008)

e. had a BBQ session with the coll zone leaders at Daren and Tiff's BEAUTIFUL apartment!!! (6/4/2008)

f. downloaded songs that i LIKE!!! (bro never let me download stuff last time... but now he does! :D)

g. celebrated Chemmy's bday today! (9/4/08) we (yue, sab, chemmy, joseph, ah yung and ME!) went to RedBox and sang our hearts out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GAL! hope u enjoyed urself cause i know i did! :D

last but not least... (actually i've done more i guess... but this is all i can remember... :P)

h. finished all my assignments on time by the Grace of God!!! (i have 1 more to go... i can do it!! :D)

#6. When are ur hols?
answer: 2nd wk of MAY!! cant wait!!! :D

-FAQ end-


NickTay said...

Broken is like sooo yesterday la! Hehe.. But take as many pics as u want :)

-dot- said...

haha! oops! *blushes* thanks ya! :D

Julian Jansen Goh said...

bzbzbz girl u are!