Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wonder(s) of Dot

Wonder #1: the BIGGEST fryin thingamajig ever seen by Dot!

mom bought a thingamajig used for fryin today...

Why is it a wonder besides being BIG? u may ask...

well... for something to be a WONDER to Dot, it definitely needs to fit some REQUIREMENTS...

requirements check list:
#1. must catch Dot's attention (DUH! how can i wonder about something when i dont even know it ever existed? :P)
#2. actually that's basically it la... cause ar... once something catches Dot's attention, the rest is what we call INSPIRATION! (Dot's BACK! *everybody says... WOOHOO!*)

lets take a closer look at the Wonder shall we?
it can be used for defense!
a handy tool for guys that mite wanna impress others but dont have the money to buy a real guitar!!! (guitar sound effects may be projected by a hidden device, aka ur HANDPHONE)

the SATISFACTION gained from 1 MOUTHFUL off this "spoon" is just beyond human imagination

can even do sports with this thing le! :P

hehe! this were all the things i could think of in the spur of the moment... and my bro would have thrown the camera at me if i went on with my CREATIVITY! :P

more Wonder(s) coming your way! (i hope) :P


dareNtiff said...

hahaha .. u never fail to make me smile! :)

Nice pose with the thingamajix! U can also use that to catch fish in Taman Jaya!

-dot- said...

*teehee* shy!

true! but i dont have an aquarium to pose with :D

David said...

Gosh .. you're so lame laaaaaa..