Friday, April 18, 2008


FINALLY!!! i is done with ALL my assignments!

but i have 2 quizzies and my FINALS to do... and i'll be FREE!!! :D

i cant wait... i cant wait... I CANT WAIT!!!!

anyways.. this post aint about me (well... the important part aint bout me la... :P)

the about me part: (this post is 2 days behind time... thanks to my assignment!) i had a dizzy spell on me on tues :( didnt get to do anything that night (thank God it happened at night.. if morn... then i would have missed class!) *ok Dot... get to ur POINT! :P*

so yes.. the dizzy spell... i lied in bed... practically all nite la.. couldnt really sleep... then i thot.. hmm.. i should BLOG about this... so my readers can SAYANG me... :P NO!! this blog aint about getting love.. i'm not that desperate la :P YES! I'M GETTIN TO MY POINT!!! :P

then i tot... wat should i title this post? my ideas:-
1. walking on clouds (cause i was all floaty... but then again... i wasnt really in love... u know how they associate clouds to being in love... so NEH... NEXT!)
2. walking on a TREADMILL (erm... NOPE! i didnt see the connection ANYWHERE!)


more tots came...

the NOT about Dot part :P :

life is associated to a race... (well.. if u didnt know that... YES! life is usually associated to a RACE... SEE! u always learn something reading Dot's blog :P) u can choose to run it.. or walk it...

and DEATH is your finishing line... (we'll all be rewarded according to how we've ran our race)

HOWEVER... in this Race, u're not running against other runners... instead... u are running against YOURSELF! (pushing yourself towards the finishing line, perseverance we call it!)


how often is it that we get frustrated and worn out because it seemed like we've done so much and tried so hard... only to realise that we're still back at SQUARE ONE!

you run and run and RUN...

but when u look around you (at the problems you face) NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

then you look down...

and you see THIS!

u've been running on a TREADMILL all these while!

been there? done that? how did/would u feel?

U scream out in anger! cry out in disappointment! regret! feel cheated... *the emo list goes on*

but WAIT!

think deeper, look further, listen closely...

a Voice is saying...

altho it seems like u've gone NOWHERE...

look at your legs dear, look at the MUSCLES u've built!

check out your STAMINA!

sometimes in this race called LIFE, we're placed on a TREADMILL... as a training ground for us...

Yes... it's difficult... ask any athlete... did their medal come easy?

Treadmill seasons make our legs stronger, so we DONT stumble easily in our race...
Treadmill seasons increase our stamina, so we CAN run FURTHER and LAST LONGER!
the tougher your Treadmill Season is, the further and longer u can run!

PRESS ON! dont give up!


one day my friend, u'll reach your finishing line...

one day my friend, u'll receive your DIAMOND STUDDED medal! (what's Gold then? ;) )

till that day comes my friend, i'll run along with you and cheer u on! =)


jolynn said...

=) the best.....=)


emily said...

yes! we'll all run the race together and look forward to what god has installed for us after!!

never give up indeed! hehe..


-dot- said...

yups! we shall lari bersama-same k!

*berpelukan* :P