Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rise of the Sushi Whack-ers

Date: 9th April 2008
Time: 10.30 am

Sushi King had their RM 2 per plate (for sushi with rice only) promo again!

so we... the Sushi Whack-ers (in GREEN) went and gave some Jap a good walloping!

the aftermath...

strategizing... (excuse the inflated nostrils *shy*)

unfortunately one of our Whack-ers (Sab) wasnt feelin well that day... so she had a bowl of noodles instead...
but Sab very the give face le... without her... our 'sam chi fa' pic tak jadi le! (right gals :D)
if u guys are wondering... Sab's ok d! *praise the Lord*

Besides the promo... we went to Sushi King sempena Hari Jadi CHEMMY TAN!!!
*sobs* she's finally slipped into the TWENTIES!!! *wails out loud* we'll miss u Chemmy!!! :P

all pics u see today are courtesy of Yue! thanks! :D

this is a pic which u can see both ways...
Foo Joe here is either the BLESSED one...
the THORN! :P
Elaine at the top

this pic is taken with skill k!
the half-face: Chemmy
thru the wood panels: Joy and Ah Bu <-- a new addition to the Whack-ers? (dont know how to spell his name *lalala*) the Victim of AGE :P

the Sweetness Knock Out: mini strawberry cakes vs the COUPLE

Chemmy: *in desperation* can i have ONE more DAY as a TEEN???

the serenaded: Ah Yung (but i dont think Chemmy was singing the song to him... *oops*)

the duet
hehe! caught in the "moment" *blushes*

while the mics are hogged by the others..

WARNING the pics u are about to view are 130 VM <-- according to the Dot's censorship board it basically means... u mite just VoMit after seeing the pics NO MATTER WAT LIVING AGE U ARE!

if u have a faint heart and a weak stomach... i advice u to move ur cursor towards the RED "X" at the top right of ur screen...


hehe! finally, a shout out to Chemmy Tan

(this ^ is green)