Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Eat Out!

Date: Last Sunday
Time: All Day! :D

after church, Pui Yee and gang came to fetch me! and we went to Sushi Groove, Pyramid

Carrere the paparazzi

Dot the SUPERSTAR! erm.. that's Pui Yee... she just HAPPENED to be in the pic... hehe! it was a candid shot... dont even know wat were we laughing about...

the background that caught Yeem's attention (hence the pic)

Carrere and Jow Liie discussing whose hair grown more since the last time we met...

ooH! our weird lookin complimentary dish! tasted yummy tho :D

as depicted on Pui Yee's face :P

Yeem's salad... poor gal... dah la stick thin.. yet she wants to be on a diet... :P

she had a heavy breakfast before our meet up

my YAKINIKU BIBIMBAB! (ooh Liie! i got the name right! cause i saw it in the Korean Restaurant later that nite...)
kinda had a noob moment (cause i'm neither a Blonde nor a Bimbo... :P) when i kinda shouted the name of my dish out loud... *blushes* and all the waiters around laughed *double blushes*

Dessert! (clockwise from top: Black Sesame, Green Tea, WASABI, Green Tea)
guess which flava the ADVENTUROUS Dot took???

hint: i regretted it!!!
i got the WASABI FLAVA!!!

it tasted like... WASABI la! it even gave my tongue the tingling feeling that wasabi gives me... dont get me wrong, i like wasabi... but WASABI ICECREAM is just... WRONG!!!

if u're wondering... why 5 ppl went but so few dishes came out 1?
that's cause we were all hungry, Sony threw tantrums AGAIN! and our dishes looked the same (i think)... so... DIDNT BOTHER la! :P

and.. we took a group pic, which YEEM is in... (if u noticed, she's only mentioned but not published *oops*) the pic's with Liie tho... will get it when i see her online nx time k!

and CAROL joined us later! for that, Pui Yee deserves a ROUND OF APPLAUSE!!! cause if u noticed, Carol NEVER attends our meet ups! Carol's absent list:

my bday (2007)
Liie's late bday celebration (Jan 2008)

fine.. i know the list aint that long la... BUT AR!!! we only had 3 meet ups since Em's farewell... and she missed 2... get my point??

so yes! ONCE AGAIN! a round of applause to miss Leong Pui Yee for a job WELL DONE for gathering ALL the remaining antiques! :D

no pic of Carol too... cause she was LATE! and the crowd in Pyramid just robbed us of our camwhore-ness la...

note to the Management of Pyramid: Hang that "STAFF ONLY" sign at ur entrance when Dot & Friends are in the House k! :P

Later that Day, EVENING we call it...

my family celebrated Daddy's 56th bday with KOREAN BBQ!!! (dont drool Jo! :P)

Soup... i agree with mom, Chinese soup taste better!
HOWEVER, i like miso soup too! :D

Pork Belly... was quite dry... but we used the sauce they provided... so still OK!

*slurp* hmm... *slurps MORE* :P

then daddy ordered some side dishes...

fried rice... this one not as nice...

dad ordered a noodle thingy too, which was soO good that by the time i tot of takin a pic of it... it was FINISHED! :D

made in KOREA!

Family pic #1: i likee our smiles here... but... the restaurant owner just HAD to stand so near the desk thingy... and my flash just HAD to reflect -.-

so... we took...
family pic #2: the lady stood closer to the desk this time... 3/4 of us still look good... but my sesat-ed bro... AIH... he somehow has his way in lookin CONSTIPATED... :P
u'll understand why when i get the pics from my Uncle's bday dinner... (he doesnt read my blog :P)

a shoutout to Jo Koo: Korean BBQ's DIFFERENT WITHOUT U... I MISS YOU!!! *sobs*


jo said...

aaawwwww.................. i was thinking,...."Oh Dot went eat Korean BBQ. Must be a new place. Hope it's good...waitaminute...that place looks super familiar....like seriously......hey! same vacuum-sucker-thingamajig like the Korean BBQ shop in taipan!!!!! it IS!!!!"

oh...memories.... remember how many times we ate there? kekekek remember Jay and I brought you there the first time...then second time we went with the cell.....

hope you had babe!

here's a hug!

you've been having a rough time ar?
there there

ps/pray for me yea...am going to a youth camp tmr...

hugs! i miss GT camp. It's not the same. huggies

-dot- said...

ROAR! my comment disappeared!

anyways, i said...

got time go camp? hols d?

sure remember la! i think that was the 1st time i went makan with the 2 of u... thank goodness we brought jo lynn along... :P

i'm ok la... just a lil emo.. cause i need a hol... i miss BUMMING! *teehee*

have fun in camp ya! maybe got new games! then can share with us :D