Tuesday, April 22, 2008


i was lookin back at my old posts...

i miss REDANG!!! *sobs*

and the songs playin on my media player arent helping!!!

i miss having my pics and my brain juice jiving together in creating a post that i'm proud of!

my posts are so back dated!!!

i need a HOLIDAY!!! (which is coming soon! :D but NOT soon enuf! =( ROAR!!!)

as of now... i need a HUG!


emily said...

Here's a BIG HUG from me to u!!


Hang in there alrite?? hols will come soon i;m sure...then u can relax and bum!!! :)

dont emo anymore kay??

mwah!! :)

ps/ i booked my flight back home ady!! woohoo!! will see u sooon babe! =)

jolynn said...

me huggiessssssss u too!!!!!
dont roar!!
we shall go shopping soon kays??
im done by next wedenesday!!
then we can cam whore all we want!!
ooppssss i meant YOU can camwhore all you want....hehehehehe

till then, stay strong in the Lord

Jo G

-dot- said...

aww! thanks gals!!! *HUGS BACK*

but Jo ar... i'm not done til nx Sat wo... :P so Sat only we go crazy k! :D

jolynn said...

u let me know lar...
i still gota study anyways, so i'll go whenever you're free!