Friday, May 02, 2008

trick or treat

it was a Sun noon... just as i was STONING in front of my Abnormal Psyc textbook... struggling to REMAIN normal! the DOOR BELL RANG! (neh... contrary to ur expectations of a post on HALLOWEENS... no SUGAR-FRANTIC kids swamped outside my gate)

it was my brother :P

the joker forgot his keys and the gate was locked... so with my PAIN-stricken legs (caused by reasons that i feel... shy... to disclose *blushes*) i went to open the gate for him...

while unlocking the gate...

bro: how long does it take u to bathe?
me: Y?
bro: we're goin to Carl's Jr. so FASTER GO BATHE before i change my mind...
me: YOU pay ar?
bro: ah THEN?
me: *with hands in the air* YIPPEE!!! (i strongly believe that i even SKIPPED :D)
*while hurrying up the stairs*
me: y so sudden?
bro: i got extra money left this month and i'm gettin my pay soon... so... FASTER LA!

thinks to self as i hurry around my room to look for something to wear:
hmm... i have to study... and the nearest Carl's Jr from us is in Pyramid... I NEEDED to study... but i've NEVER eaten in CJ!!! my paper was on TUES!!! but but... my BROTHER's TREATING me!!!

so yea... i went for a lunch that i TOTALLY did NOT regret :D

they actually have the pic of the President and his 1st Lady but dunno which year 1 la.. *shy*
hehe! he's the founder of Carl's Jr and that's his wife la... :P

we had to apply TEAMWORK... cause ar... all the tables were taken except for 1! so bro did the ordering while i sat me bum bum on the smallest and only table we could find :D

while Bro was ordering...
test camera test, testing 1... 2...
think tank: y is our table numbered 94 when there is CLEARLY no 94 tables in the restaurant?
(drop ur answers in the comment k!)

hehe! the FIRST time my bro's treating me le... MUST take a pic to commemorate this AUSPICIOUS day man!

haha! i learnt something new that day! this thingy here is called
the condiment bar! (did u know that?)

dear management of Carl's Jr. should u stumble upon my blog, u should SERIOUSLY consider getting me to be ur SPOKES MODEL! this is why...

the supporting character: Beef Chili Fries (close up)

Beef Chili Fries (with flash)

Beef Chili Fries (overview with flash)

the CONSTIPATED cameraman (told ya he has his ways! :P)

see the blurry effect? it's like DREAMING of eating something heavenly!

the STAR of the day (kinda forgot the name... but i know it has MUSHROOMS! it's the most expensive one in the menu... WHICH I DID NOT PURPOSELY CHOOSE... i just didnt notice the price til my bro told me... *lalala*)
see! i totally understand that as a SPOKES MODEL, MY duty is to make the STAR shine!

*drumrolls for ye spokes model*
the burger is seriously the size of my face! (just to verify that i'm not a JAKUN, i'll camwhore with a McD burger soon :P)

aaAAA... it's so big that u can only bite half the tier with one mouth full!

who say i dont eat GREENS!

u always need a HEALTHY spokes model! :P

*looks at bro* ya meh?? u still look clean... i still feel clean...

*looks at the TABLE*
*blink blink*
it's HIS fault :P
thanks KOKO!!!

back to y i should be Carl's Jr.'s spokes model...

check out my size (not that i'm so SS about it) but i'm RELATIVELY thin la... YET! i could finish ur burger... and half of the beef chili fries! YOU KNOW HOW BIG that thing is rite!!!
as they always say, "ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words"
for Dot to finish ALL of that, without feeling puke-ish...

(a gal's gotta TRY :P)

hehe! it was indeed a TREAT!!!

oh BTW! Carl's Jr. claims they serve CHARBROILED burgers... so... what's CHARBROILED?
according to

verb (used with object) cook by direct heat, as on a gridiron over the heat or in an oven under the heat; grill: to broil a steak.

There! u've learnt something from dots-thots! :P


Julian Jansen Goh said...

hey dot....first and foremost,i wanna say sori for not coming to cell.....been really bz lor!hehe....i do still pray..... ;P

carl's junior very expensive lor from my point of view,but the burger is the best.......!!!!!lov it....

see ya soon

"feel the LOVE"