Wednesday, May 14, 2008

KL Lights

Sandra got tics for a jazz thingy featuring Mia Palencia... and we (the peeps u'll see below) know she's pretty good... so... we got all dolled up for a nite in Ruums, KL...

BUT!!! thanks to the Malaysian Timing Culture that we are soO PROUD of... we were LATE and we missed Mia! *boohoo*

but nonetheless, we did wat we usually do la...
eh... we were in RUUMS k! die die also must take a pic la! :P
(fr left: Kim, Leeza, Dot)

but since we missed Mia... and werent hyped bout breathing 2nd hand smoke.. we detoured to Pavilion (at 9pm)
in the backseat of the car with Wei Kheng (i think that's how she spells her name *shy*)

Malls close at 10 here in Malaysia... so wat's there to do in a mall at 9???

say YO!
we went makan at a jap restaurant called Yo Sushi

looks good rite? (dont bother guessing the price... neither will i state it... cause it'll only trigger the excruciating pain in my wallet! *u get the pic?*)

through out the nite... we were facing this bowl with lil balls in it... and the tap was left running over it...
question: What are those?
dot thinks: maybe the beans/nuts used for Miso Soup!
Leeza says: i think it's the salmon eggs
Dot asks (the staff): what are those?

*100 points to Leeza Foo*

it's salmon eggs! who'd knew they're so BIG?! bet u didnt know that :P

since eating was costly... we cont cam-whoring! :D

oh oh! Miso Soup! i likee! it was unlimited refill!!! so i kinda went home with a stomach full of soup!

Wei Kheng and Julius
Basil and Kim
the CLAW... nah... it's the soft shell crab hand roll.. the crab was YUMMY!!!
and it was on a promotion price! *muahahaha*

colorful eh?
YAM..... SENG!!!!


jo said...



but but you missed mia palencia?

and where's jolynn GOH?????
this kind of music thing she would like wan wor....

nonetheless, you guys look great! hehhe

emily said...

aiyoo dot dot...see now u make me wanna go to YO! sushi too...
havent been there for ages...

its like a mushroom here...
every highstreet there's one..

but its ex...well if u convert..
it ranges from £1.70 green plate to £5.00 blue plate... =/

So how ex can a plate be in msia?

hehe k k nvm... i shall not rub it in =P

Cant wait to eat malaysian foood!! woohoo!

yup, u guys look great!!! =)

Julian Jansen Goh said...

its only Pavilian,i think the food price there is alry normal for me!cheh.....!!speaking from a high class people....haha!


-dot- said...

WHOA! didnt know lookin HOT will get me so many comments! *wakakakaka* :P


Jo.G went to Ruums later cause she had tuition... by then we were in Pavilion d... and she didnt meet up with us.. that's y no her pic =)


WHOA! then it's WAY cheaper if u eat here! the blue 1 is rm5 or 8 la.. it's still WAY cheaper!


CHEH! i not workin ma.. so money is a limiting factor! cant simply waste on a meal ma.. :P

Julian Jansen Goh said...

no la,not saying like tht!i work also for college used!dont terasa k....sori ya!hehe...lov ya....feel the love!