Monday, May 19, 2008

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

my long awaited hols has FINALLY begun! (this statement is supposed to be made 2 weeks ago *lalala*)

now it's kinda ending *SOBS*

so what have i done?

after the attempt to appreciate Jazz, we (GTPJ Coll Zone) had...

ONE LEG KICK FUTSAL NITE! (which reminds me.. i actually have pics to post up for that too!)
the reps of the SS18 Coll Cell (the PROFESSIONALS) went for practice on the tues nite before the event and as the NOOB-in-sports-cell-leader... i tagged along to provide MORAL SUPPORT :P

professional #1: Jeremy
professional #2: Basil
professional #3: Yee Wei
professional #4: Ley Yeem

sub professional for guys: Daryll

p/s: the team consisted of 5 professionals, Jo.G was the 5th. Grace and Daryll were subs
Jo.G and Grace missed practice cause they had to prepare for exams

Yee Wei doin SHUNPO (*teehee* for the benefit of non Bleach readers, shunpo is a term for speedy travelling :D)

the MEN of SS18 Coll Cell

Ley Yeem's Mou Ying Kiok (direct translation- No Shadow Kick)

the NOOB in action:
a fan in her left hand and a phone in her right hand

with some DETERMINATION to kick balls!

yau mou gau chor!!! (the ball conveniently rolled to Yee Wei's feet -.-)

NOOB! *blushes*

therefore... i shall just do what i do BEST
and Yeem learned lots from her very own Cuti-Cuti Malaysia trip! she can camwhore PROFESSIONALLY toO! *kudos to u gal!*

after a session of FAT burning...
it's SUPPER time!

the Professionals didnt win that nite... but i believe they sure had FUN!

OK! back to what this post was meant to be about, my trip to IPOH!

the Chronicles of Feasting

part I- had roast duck for lunch...

part II- for dinner, we had SEAFOOD!

this is the 1st dish...
after this my hands were dirty and i was toO occupied to take any pics :P

Family Photo =)
Fr top left: E e (mom's sis), Me, Dad, Bro, Cuz Jason, Uncle Mike
fr Bottom left: Mom, kong kong, popo, ah ku (mom's bro)

my grandparents are into this ACTING cool thing...
Kong kong still trying to be cool here -.-

Day 2:
part III- Dim Sum at Fushan

then, we had an impromptu journey up to Cameron Highland

Mom and Dad in the backseat
part IV- chocolate fondue!

me 1st time tryin! =)
dot's thots: it's nothing great...

but i'd wanna try the CHEESE fondue! :D

Grapes in MALAYSIA!!!

me favs! Daisies!
*oops* :P
this thing is CRAZY!

it's thorns dont only look like NAILS, they are as HARD as nails!

Part V- Lunch in Cameron

Deep Fried fish

Pork Leg
Fried Mushroom (me likee!)

my HIAO bro :P
our National Flower
Before entering the Rose Valley
sexyback :P

we didnt go in cause it costs RM4 per person *boohoo* i really wanted to see the pretty flowers!!! *pouts*
Cameron Tea Plantation
my SS bro
now u know where he got his stuff from :P

*song plays* I CAN BE YOUR HERO BABEH!
my bro helped a girl down the slope...
and the girls family took a pic of them -.-

so i also take la! :P

i didnt go too high up la... cause i was wearing flip flops, the soil was kinda slippery, and i've scouted... NO HOT candidates were available for the role of Dot's Hero.. so didnt bother taking the trouble and risking injuring my fragile body :P

see! popo acting cool again! -.-
take 2!
HO! we had this tensed moment in Cameron cause bro's car was running out of fuel... and we were MILES away from the nearest petrol station (which happens to be the ONLY petrol station in the ENTIRE Cameron!) *roar*
1 KM more to the next petrol station

all i could say is, THANK U JESUS!

we made it to the petrol station with the little fuel we had =)

MUAHAHAHAHA! Dorothy drivin a MYVi!!!

i wish! (God, SERIOUSLY!!! i wish i have a car! in Jesus' name i pray, AMEN!)

I see trees of GREEN
they're supposed to be vege... but me no know wat kinda vege they are

*sobs* since i didnt get to go to the Rose Valley.. this will have to do... *sobs*

part VI- dinner @ Airo Airo (Japanese Buffet + Steamboat Restaurant)

while we were eating, a celebrity was having her autograph session... so being "PAT" i went to take some pics lo :D
runner up of the Project Superstar (season 1)

part VII- breakfast at coffeeshop

I'm goin HOME...
JAM!!! caused by the commotion in the RED circle

Polis Diraja Malaysia in action

the cause of the jam

the moral of the story is, drive CAREFULLY!

thank u Jesus for bringin us HOME safely! =)

i no want my hols to end so soon *pout*