Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dot's Gallery part #1

been browsing through my pic folder... and thumbdrive... and my bro's facebook toO and i found these pics!
all the pics that u are about to view happened since 2008 =)

let's start off with my Uncle #4's Birthday Bash :D
the Organizing Committee :P
fr left: 1st son- Raymond, 2nd son- Milton, future Daughter-in-law? :P (Milton's gf)
the Lady behind the Successful man

Father and Son moment

Happy Family

the 2nd generation of Tans (according to age)

the 2nd generation of Tans (guess what this is according to? answer is at the bottom of this post :P)

people that are related to the Dot in one way or another...
most of all, people that i call FAMILY =)
BUT!!! i'm not in this pic!!! ROAR!!!
reason? i'm the camera gal! so all the pics without me.. are taken by me with Raymond's cam which was a semi-pro cam! think i kinda gained some muscles after that nite :P

table #2
Blood Sistas =)
the 3rd generation of Tans =)
fr left: Raymond (need i say? TAN), Milton, Joash, Christina, Eric, Evelyn, DOT!, Winnie, Adam and the tiniest of us all... Joel! =)

the 4th generation of Tans and a semi Tan! :D
Co-en and Ryan
the youngest of the Tans, Kyan (in orange... the BABE in orange :P)

Dinner WAS served long time before the pics were taken la... BUT! cause i sibuk capturing moments for my uncle...
a MENU of what we ate will have to do la :D

a toast to my uncle! wait... wat's HE doin there? that's not our table...

what's ADAM TAN doin taggin along the birthday boy and goin YAM SENG non stop?

hehe! the sweetest cake ever! (figuratively la...) cause Milton's girlfren bought this for my uncle!
dot's thots: green tea flavored cake taste weird...

Uncle Lawrence, a.k.a Uncle #4... the Birthday Boy!

Mommy and Son moment =)
that's my grandma! remember her? :D

what's celebration when u do it alone?
so we threw in some other birthday boy(s) and girl to celebrate together gether with my uncle! :D
Raymond and the aunty have birdates that are pretty close to each other

altho this is a lil backdated...



Leez said...

why u wear the jacket over ur top in the pics? it looks like a nice top poking out of that jacket... must show it off la hehh

-dot- said...

hehehe... i SHY la... :P