Sunday, June 01, 2008

Dot's Gallery part #2

here are pics that i've received from cousin Jason's camera...

dad and mom at the entrance of Rose Valley (i still want to go in there!)
mommy soO match the bougainvilleas at the back! :P

2 ladies that i love dearly... altho i can be mischievous to them at times... *lalala*
blame popO! she spoiled me! *oops* :P

at the top of the cameron tea plantation

jumper wannabes!!!

i know my jumps are kinda pathetic la... that's cause i aint athletic ma... *shy*

but at least my smile's still nice in this pic... unlike my CONSTIPATED brother :P

this is BY FAR my highest jump...

and yet... my bro's face? AIH... :P

Mommy and girly =)
the peeps that brought me to being!

despite our disagreements at times... i know i can count on them when i need a cryin shoulder (just that i shy to cry in front of them la... *blushes*)