Monday, June 16, 2008

Daddy's Day Out

it's Daddy's day! =) (actually YESTERDAY was daddy's day... and TODAY is QUIZ day! i should be sleepin... but since my blog is soO dead... :P)
Mom, Bro and I decided to treat daddy to Carl's Jr =)

my look alike :P
Popo's so cute! :D
*rolls eyes* :P
once again... i should be the spokesperson for Carl's Jr. (if they should ever need 1)

cause the yummy-ness of the burger speaks for itself!!!

Savage and savage Jr. :P

Koko's Chili Beef...
poor chili beef... :P

hehe! now... the STAR of today! (yesterday :P)

Happy Father's Day!!!
to my daddy
and all the daddies in the World! =)

May you always find joy in
spiritually guiding...
your children.

*the 4 points were given by Rev. Stanley Lim in his sermon of the Changing Roles of a Father*