Monday, June 23, 2008

double 2

AH KIM turns (turnED) 22! :D

see the person on the right???
YES! EM's back! *woohoo* i have to admit... i kinda teared when we hugged the 2nd time... *shy*
[p/s Em: am VERY glad that u've grown soO much! (mentally of course :D)
guess goin overseas was really God's idea =)]

prezzie givin ceremony! :D
we held the mudpie up cause... that's Kim's fav... and the cam cant take it if it was on the table -.- hehe!

hehe! MY fav! :D
i FINALLY know its name!!! --> chocolate fudgy brownie! (or is it fudgy chocolate brownie? *shy*)
Grace changed the position of the brownies... it's less messier this way :D
and every piece gets ICE CREAM! :D

there were 9 of us... and we (Grace, Enoch, Sandra and i) kinda hogged the brownie...
see the POUT across the table(s) :P

just in case u didnt see Em properly :D

our group pic in the dark...

:D the seniors of SS18 coll cell! (some are missing tho)
we'll have a FULLER pic this 6th July ya! ;)

Happy (number kept confidential) Birthday Kim! =)


emily said...

arrrghhhh my chubby face!!!!

u had to put it up didn't u?

hehe fine, i have to agree i've grown mentally yes but ALOT physically too!!

hmm nicer to hug me now? hahaha...

HUGS!!! =)

-dot- said...

haha! my arms are not so bony any more too! so yea... let's grow fat together! (altho i still seriously DREAD that...) hehe!

i am still very glad u are back! :D