Wednesday, June 25, 2008


i went for the Influence conference organized by Youth Alive Malaysia. altho they had it last year, but it was INDEED different!
am glad i went for it because it opened up my mind and heart to accept certain setbacks that has happened in the past months

it struck me that to be an INFLUENCE, i have to be different... that i shouldnt practice the "an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth" thing...
that i should make the best out of the worst situation!
simply because i'm a child of God;
i'm NOT sayin i'm THE best... but i choose to GIVE my best =)

enuf about me! now take a look at some snapshots that i took! (i'm not joking... SOME!)

spot the HOT! (i forgot to draw the RED CIRCLE! :P)
the video will be at the bottom of this post IF i know how to get it there :P or else it'll just be in the next post la :D


then we (the ENTIRE jin-bang-gang went to Murni's for SUPPER)
i should have taken a pic of us la... there were about 30 of us? u get the pic rite? thank God we got parking and TABLES! :D

while we were there... we saw something eye-catching

maxis' SILVER ppl!
u HAVE to give them credit because they stood SO still! they struck pretty difficult poses and just stood for about 20 mins?
bear in mind... it's MURNI's... creepy crawlies are EVERYWHERE! (we saw a baby rat toO! but that's another story la :P)
despite my comical expressions... this is something i cant do... because... I JUST CANT LA! :P
so, WELL DONE maxis Silver People! =)

*this shot was taken when they came to our table (and stood rite behind me... hence the UP CLOSEness :P)

Em and i shared Roti Hawaii! and the rest bout that nite's history!

this was what we had for LUNCH at the conference! pretty cool eh? we used to get packed rice...
thank u soO much Parent Support Team for blessing us with yummy food! and the effort they put in for preparing the food! may God bless you all HEAPS! =)

WOOHOO! i got the video uploaded here! :D *claps for Dot* :P