Monday, July 14, 2008

You FReAk!

hehe! that was like addressed to MYSELF :P

i was tagged by Sab (altho i wanted to do this tag when i saw it in Yue's blog... but didnt have the time :( )

Rule #1 (it's kinda like the ONLY rule unless i plan to tag other ppl... but do ppl really bother? to me it's like.. u like u do lo :D):
each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.

here goes!

#1 i never quite imagined how my wedding will be like... but i always pictured my dad singing Butterfly Kisses on that fateful day and i'll tear... *teehee* emo moment :P

#2 i have a dimple on each side of my shoulder (the back part)

#3 i like acting cause it lets me play different roles and brings my imaginations to life =)

#4 i used to tie a scarf on my head and pretended i had long hair *i can soO hear the laughter of my readers* (during pre-school and primary years k...) see... i was from a chinese primary school... we werent allowed long hair... so... *SHY*

#5 i always wanted to be a teacher when i was younger... i wrote on my cupboard and pretended that was a blackboard (i did ask my mom to get me those mini blackboards... but she said "NO" :( but i do have a white board in my room tho.. hehe!)

#6 i like lookin at my nails when they are buffed

#7 i like the feeling after i bathe (who doesnt?)

*thinks thinks*

#8 i like fixing jigsaw puzzles (but i hardly do) when i do, i cant stop (i would like a new set of jigsaws so i'll have something to do during my hols *hint*)

#9 i like Bleach! (it's a jap manga) i finished watching all the previous episodes of it in less than a month (there were like 100 over episodes)

#10 i like eating toast bread with butter and garlic *yum* for supper... i can have like 5 slices of bread *lalala*

#11 i wanna have a cartoon character of myself! or maybe play the voice of a cartoon character la :D

#12 i think i have a phobia of driving... *sobs* how to drive my volkswagen beetle then??

#13 i wish i could play the piano or be a bellerina

#14 despite the fear of the pains of pregnancy... u know.. the stories u hear from teachers and ur mom on what she went thru to bring more pain to her life... *oops* i'm a good kid k! :P but yea.. despite that... i have moments where i would wanna be a mother.. one of them's when i play with the oh-so-cute baby next door and the other would be when i see the kids perform on mother's day! i always tear when i think how proud their moms would be cause i sure am proud of them! =)

#15 shopping is quite a dread for me cause there's just so much to choose from and money is a limiting factor! *roar* but i still prefer spending on food :D ALTHO THAT BEING SAID... i wouldnt mind an ALL EXPENSES paid shopping spree la... (like the ones with my parents *MUAHAHAHAHA*)

there! 15 weird facts of Dot... some u may already know... and some maybe arent that weird afterall... but 15's a LOT!

do try! it's fun :P


Mei Fong said...

helloz helloz! =) Haha..just to drop by and say HI. I know you have a blog long time but didnt make an effort to drop by =P hehe..anyway, will link you ok?


-dot- said...

hey hey! thanks! when my blog is done with the renovation... :D i'll link u too k! :D

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