Thursday, July 24, 2008

P.A.D Affairs

altho wat u are about to read.. is pretty personal... but.. i JUST have to blog about it! :P

mom: i'm goin to Giant later...
Dot: OH! ok! buy me pantyliner ya!

usually i'll tag along... but.. due to my exams.. (which i've finished on MON!!! *woOhOo*) i stayed home to study. so i gave mom the descriptions of the pantyliner i wanted... (she buys them for me all the time... but she forgets... it's the AGE thing la :P)

so yea! mom got me the stuff... HOWEVER!!!
it was different from the one i wanted!
i opened it and...

CUTE LE??? i soO totally like it! (hence i'm adding this to the Wonders of Dot :P)

see see... compared to the one i got myself days before after running out on them. (even this has more flowers than the brand i usually use)

but the cute pantyliners came with a price la... it's RM5 more ex...
the reason mom bought them was cause... the promoter said it's at a PROMOTION price and it's NEW...

the moral of the story is... educate urself when u want to buy something.
Compare prices.. the product may be cheaper than it's original price. But when compared with other brands... the results may be otherwise.
Well of course u'll have to weigh the other factors of the product such as its quality... but since it's pantyliner we're talking about here... a good quality will do. no need of pretty packaging la :D

i dont blame mom for this... she's the BOMB when it comes to shopping for groceries...
so here's another tip: if u dont wanna be "bluffed" with words like SALES, PROMOTION. etc... SHOP MORE! cause... u'll tend to notice and know the price difference when u are familiar with the prices! shopping needs experience too u know! :P

this goes out to the guys: Dont complain when we gals take HOURS to shop... we're gaining more experience and we're trying to SAVE! (to those with girlfrens/wives... it's YOUR money we're saving! so BEAR with it! :P)


Julian Jansen Goh said...

wht la,this 1 also wan to post.....sad sad sad -_-"


-dot- said...

haha! must educate u guys ma... :P