Thursday, July 24, 2008


EXAMS are OVER!!! *hip hip HOOrAY!*

on Mon nite itself, i went to church for a YA leaders' dinner meeting with the leaders of other churches that are in the neighborhood (of PJ)

after that, my antiques and i went to TEAR DOWN the Old Town Kopitiam in Taipan :P
our yum cha sessions are the best! besides catching up, we talk about anything under the sun! :D
and yes.. we (most likely i...) have silly moments such as this...

Thanks to the MANY late nites... Dot looked quite "charn"
so i decided to put on some...

Make Up! :P (eyeliner)
(Face Powder)

all made possible with Carrere's
it's the graphic-design-drawing-pad thingy :P

cant wait for our Malacca trip!!! :D