Thursday, July 24, 2008


As mentioned in the title (i think this is THE most direct title i've ever used :P) we had a CELLIES nite out! and yes... we had BBQ!

this happened beginning of July (i think)

Daryll's mom helped us start up the grill? (what's it called? *shy*)

and she began cooking b4 we came! so we wont be famished! :D

the 2 posers (notice that the bbq pit's cover is still down? so what is Basil trying to pick?)
Gerard- the bread cutter
Dot- the butter spreader
Clarissa- the NEWBIE!!! :D

Sandra helped spread butter toO!

Max- the REAL cook (wannabe) :P
the other BBQ pit
Enoch and Jo.G the-garlic bread makers... more like the garlic bread wrappers :P

Grace and Daryll (hidden outside of the cam frame)- the entertainers... but i think they were entertaining themselves -.-

the Garlic bread crew... with Dot focusing LOTS into spreading the garlic and butter :D

1/2 hour later...
Basil: hmm.. dont u think we should start the other pit?
Yee Wei: YA HOH!
Gerard is relatively new in cell... and he seems HAPPY! (i know that's great!) but... i WONDER WHY? :P

Grace: *shouts* is the food DONE YET???

max: coming!

the camwhores!

the buttery gals

due to the limited number of cups that we had... we all decided to WRITE our names on our cups, except for ONE person...

she kinda engraved her name onto the cup! :S hehe!

once again... we're butter-ing the bread... wonder why we took so long? cause none of us could decide on HOW to cut the bread...

Em: ooh... the song they're playin... makes me sleepy... i NEED food... NOW!

em: on 2nd tots, i can fit in some camwhoring 1st :P

5 yrs later! (figuratively speaking)

looks good eh?
that's cause i didnt take the back of the bread...
it was BURNT beyond edibility! seriously... the nice part of the bread (the one u're looking at) tasted BITTER... :(

everybody discussing: WHAT happened to the bread la???
somebody: aiyo! no mood d la!

somebody: eat marshmallows only la!

hehe! the final dialogues were soO not true! we still had lamb, chicken and MASHED POTATOES!!! which were my FAVORITE! Jo... can u make me MORE??? *puppy dog eyes*

i likee this pic! we look soO happy! =)