Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In the name of CHARITY

my first VERY expensive movie ticket

*you've got 1 text msg*
Carol: Wanna watch the premiere of HANCOCK? Ian's got FREE tics
Dot: where?
Carol: Cineleisure
Dot: (call me a cheapo or whatever u can think of) *thinks* i need some LEISURE from all the assignments! and it's FREE!!! *lalala* so why not? *thinking ends* OK!

that Wednesday in the car... (with Carol, Ian and Carrere)
there was this commotion on Ian spending LOTS of money to get us the "FREE" tics! However, it sorta ended (for Carrere and I) after Ian said "Just think of it as i'm doin this for CHARITY" and we decided to look at our handphones...

i wouldnt comment anything more... cause u can UNDERSTAND LOTS by just reading between the lines but thanks Ian for the show! =)