Friday, August 01, 2008

All the Suspense!

ISH! Bleach is taking FOREVER to buffer! i didnt want to do this tag now... cause i'm sick too like Foo... and i'm brain dead toO! *pout* but since i'm stoning in front of the com... i shall do this anyways!

Six things I’m passionate about
seeing kids starting their lives right and teens getting their lives straighten up
good food
GOD of course!
cant think of 6 la... NEXT!

Six things I say too often
last but not least....

Six books I’ve read recently (this is IMPOSSIBLE to complete)
besides my Bible...
the only book i can recall reading recently (like 5 yrs ago i think) is Purpose Driven Life
or.. BLEACH! if Mangas are counted :P

Six songs I can listen to again and again
Yovie & Nuno's- Menjaga Hati
Andra & the Backbone's- Sempurna (am listening to it now *teehee*)
David Cook's- Always be My Baby
Howie Day's- Collide
Hillsongs (i think)- Until i see You
Chris Tomlin- Indescribable

Six things I learnt in the past year
that some things are SERIOUSLY easier said than done
how to use Illustrator! (will blog bout it soon! =))
that i should cut down on my eating habits (something that i've learnt and yet NOT put to practice :P)
i mite wanna be a mom someday afterall!
i have a soft spot for guys that look good in suits (note the LOOK GOOD)
my parents are growing old... :(