Friday, August 08, 2008


this has to be the BUSIEST holiday Dot ever had!
firstly, i had to compose and DESIGN 4 pages of an article!
but i'm happy with the end result =)

date: 4th Aug 2008
time: 8AM!!! (on a holiDAY!!!)
location: SEGi SJ
my masterpiece! which began with a DOT of course :P

dot and the EDITOR IN CHIEF of PAGED a.k.a Yue!

the Team
fr left: Ling Si, Jojo, Rachel, Chiau Sim, Dot, Yue

then... the POWER-packed part came in
Youth Pastor School!
*picks up reader's jaws 1 by 1*
Date: 4th Aug 2008 too! (how did i split myself into 2 locations?)
Time: 3pm :P
Location: Country Heights, Cheras

this has to be my favorite pic! we were walking... yes WALKING back from the makan area to our room (mind you.. it was a pretty long journey, ESPECIALLY for the Dot :P)
and we saw this chessboard looking thingy on the floor! it was oversized alright... but apparently it wasnt oversized enough to be an oversized chessboard... so since it seems like it doesnt really have a purpose, we kinda gave it one--> a NICE background for camwhoring! :P

the place had many ponds. and because of them, we had to take LONGER walks to get to our room!

but then again... if it werent for the ponds, we wont have this pic! :P
fr front: KAWAN! Esther, Dot and Resego (we're all roomies! wait... more like apartment-ies cause there were 3 rooms in the apartment)

more apartment-ies! Angeline and Tab... they werent in our 1st apartment-ies pic cause Tab DROVE!!!
why didnt we follow them? cause Dot wanted to walk *picks up readers' jaws 1 by 1 AGAIN!* :P

our apartment! looks like a bungalow eh?

haha! we got the top floor only la.. :P

*ding dong*
KAWAN!!! my roomie!!! for the 1st time in Dot's camping history :P

ho ho! the next pic! i MUST tell u the story!!! cause it'll be recorded as 1 of my "My Firsts"

this pic was taken in my very first LONGEST JOURNEY EVER TAKEN FOR SUPPER!
the story:
1 of the pastors: Meet at CIMB ya!
Danny: Ok.
Shaw/un (me forgots which 1! :S): ok.
Shaw/un is a Kajang boy, so SOMEHOW... we got him to show us the way... to... Kajang TOWN! which was like 1/2 an hour away from where we lived! picture this... we had to use the HIGHWAY to get MAMAK food!!!
*drive drive drive.. reaches CIMB in Kajang Town*
setting: an EMPTY street... with one... ONE Otai burger stall... and absolutely NO cars around (about 6 cars drove out before us)
everyone in the car: er... where's the mamak shop?
*Danny drives from behind to the side of Shaw/un's car* (btw we [ppl in the pic and Cason] were in Shaw/un's car)
Danny: i think they meant the CIMB at the ENTRANCE OF COUNTRY HEIGHTS...
Shaw/un: There's a CIMB at the ENTRANCE OF COUNTRY HEIGHTS???
*notice the caps*
cause the CIMB at the ENTRANCE OF COUNTRY HEIGHTS was 1/2 an hour BACK!!!
so there we went... travelled for another 1/2 an hour back to the CIMB at the ENTRANCE OF COUNTRY HEIGHTS...

with this picture, i testify that... WE MADE IT!!! *stress*

oh.. Dinner for day 2...
Dot thinks: hmm... better wear shorts... the satay place may be warm...

Dot thinks: *blink blink* this place is HUGE!!!
yes! the place was a lil like GIANT in Kelana Jaya... it was a COMPLEX by itself! and it was AIR CONDITIONED! *brrr... shivers* hehe! no la... Thank God it wasnt cold :D

here are some pics of the people that sat around me...
on my right...

hehe! how often do u get to get a pic of ur pastor(s) piggin? *oops* they dont know i have this blog rite? :P

on my left
ooh! like under my nose!!! GLORIOUS FOOD!

right in front of me! meet IGGY, from the root name Ignatius (such a sophisticated name dont u think?)

45 degrees to my left...

jon: whee! baby needs his food! choo choo train *sound effects of train* (i so cant believe i'm actually typin this down)
Iggy: AH....
Iggy: UM...

on the next morning...

pastors allowed us to TA-PAU cereals into the class to keep us awake (they soO understand us la :P)

but then again ar... if u watch closely... the pastors are the 1 that ta-pau-ed! *oops* :P

now tell me...

tell me WHERE can u find people with a sophisticated name and yet a WHACKY personality, and!!! COOL PASTORS???

where else but...

YouthPastorSchool!!! =)

in closing, i would like to share with you this thot...
once upon a time, there was Malaysia Boleh ---> we had our own national car...
now, there is...
Malaysia-NS Boleh!--> they made a buggy out of a KANCIL!
beat that Japan! :P

oh oh!!! so is Dot a youth pastor now?
ha ha ha! NO! :P