Thursday, August 21, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #6

Congratulations for keeping up so far! *wakakaka*
from here on... the real exhibition BEGINS!
fasten ur seat belts as we, the antiques take u on a RIDE thru the Jonker Street of Malacca!

at some mirror gallery...
Dot: Darling ar... dont u think this mirror's a lil dusty?
Liie: ya hoh...
=) (pics with <--- that smiley are pics that i REALLY LIKE!!! :D) outside the Orang-Utan-Shirts shop...
pic 1 of Liie n the road sign...

pic 2! of liie and the road sign...
Dot: ok gal... enuf already... it's our (Yen and Dot) turn now... *i huff...

and i puff...*
and OFF Liie goes! :P [=)]

Carol's turn with the road sign...

while she may like blacksmiths...

i prefer GOLDsmiths :P
this may look like another ordinary in-the-mirror pic to you... but this pic...
got us THIS pic!!!
which is also my FAV pic!!! of ALL the pics we took!!! cause it looks like it's soO editted rite? but it isnt! so it's SPECIAL! :D
Em took this pic. Thanks gal! :D
maybe that's why u have 3 cams snapping at all times... so u get different views and different moments! =)

when solid wood meets tau fu fah!

who will win? :P

haha! i like this candid pic too! we look like "si lais" (aunties) i can imagine us... goin to the market 10 yrs later and doing this! *teehee*

oh oh!! my favorite!! no.. not fav pic... but fav non-chocolaty cookies!! PINEAPPLE TARTS!!! didnt buy them cause... didnt wanna spend too much *sobs*

hehe! the canes reminded us of 1 teacher that has this KILLER-caning skills!!!
see... she was our primary skul teacher and she taught us science in Primary 4... by then... the boys were quite tall (or maybe comparatively to her they were tall la.. cause she was vertically challenged... :P) so yea.. they were taller than her... so... i being a goodie gal, sat in my seat and watched her cane boys that were a head taller than her with all her might... if i may say... it was pretty amusing :P

Bruce Lee WANNABE!!!

as mentioned earlier... the sun was scorching hot! but ar... some people got soO amused with this uncle that was bending steel sticks? rods? whatever u call them la.. into accesories... so yen and i decided to get some shade in the shops ahead...

Yen: lets go!
Dot: ok.
*walk walk walk*
Dot: are they coming?
*turns around*

yeap.. us getting some shade...


of the sexes!!! :P*ahem* a samurai needs her PRIVATE time too k! :P
btw.. that's a very small katana :D

hehe! this was 1 pic that cause my heart to race...
cause the umbrella wouldnt open!!!
and the 1st umbrella i took was the small 1... *lalala* AND!! in my attempts to close it.. the handle sort of came out... *LALALA*
BUT!!! i was DETERMINED to get a pic with the umbrella... so..
Yen: there got bigger ones la!
Dot: OH!
hehe! what would u do without friends? :D

u are about to see what TRUE friends are like...

#1 they smile even when fighting...

#2 they are so close to you that even when they do hurt you... u cant find the heart to be mad at them... (not to say Em hurt me before la... :P)

#3 they laugh when u get hurt... that's cause they know u know they care but just dont know how to show it... =)
#4 of course... they know the process of hurting u and u getting hurt is all for PICTURE PURPOSES! :P

the scenario:
Liie: eh! nice spot to take a pic...
Dot: ya hoh! lets pose...
1 minute later...
Liie: eh... who's taking our pic?
Dot: *shouts to the rest (which totally ignored our poses and kept walking on* WOI! take our pic le!!!
the dialogue above was somewhat the truth cause... the SS pics of Dot which u've seen thus far... most of them were taken by Liie... now that both of us are posing... none of them knew we wanted to take a pic!! *shy* :P
finally Em and Yen each took a pic :P

ooh... SHOPPING!!!
we went in quite a number of boutiques.. but many of them were PRICEY!!!
finally... we came to this i-cannot-remember-what-was-its-name shop and they were on SALE!!! woohoo!
while Carol, Liie and i were tryin out shirts...

Em the cam-whore...
Yen the cam-shy NOT! :P
i bought 2 Ts!!! :D

this ride is to be continued! so stay tuned!