Friday, August 22, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #5


hehe! this is 1 pic that TOTALLY describes Em... cause!!! remember this?

Carol and I got up as soon as we neared Malacca... but EM!!!
i had to tell her that there was FOOD to wake her up! (of course there wasnt any at the 1st destination we went to :P)

as promised, this post is ALL ABOUT food! so CLOSE ur mouths to prevent DROOL! :P

1st stop:

R (each plate serves 5 balls)
I (so genius us decided to order LESS plates so we dont have to stuff ourselves with balls at the beginning of our journey :D) *all of the rice balls pics that u see are courtesy of Em*
C (as u can see... Em had 4 balls!)
E (Dot: EM! stop playing with your food... eat!)
balls! (Em: ok...) yup! she finished EVERYTHING! hehe! :P

Next up:
and Nyonya Laksa! (yummy YUMMY!!)

side view...
top view... now u know how we got 1000 pics! :P

Dinner Time:
Satay CeluP!
Dot: how are we supposed to know if it's cooked?
Carol: Trial and Error?

Kangkung Ball! it's pretty special... but the kangkung is soO tough!!!

me fav! what egg is this in english? *lalala*
but i still prefer it with soya sauce :D
didnt quite like the satay celup... cause i'm not a lok-lok fan... neither am i a satay fan...

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan:
this is Liie's grape flavored popsicle.. mine was strawberry that tasted HORRIBLE!!! *shivers*
note to self: next time... stick with COLA!

Em bought this, it's called Suan Pan Zi (beads of the abacus?) it's a Hakka dish

weird looking hotdogs! we didnt buy them tho... just took a pic :P

guess the pic said it all :P

our last meal before we left...
Poh Piah which was GOOD!!! they even had the pork lard thingy in it =)

O-chien, scramble eggs with baby oysters... i know they have a better name... but i cant recall... *shy*

yea... so this marks the end of our trip...


emily said...


aiyooooooo i'm hungryy...
the smell of malacca food coming to me.... i wantt!!!

we must go back in dec!!

arghhh love it!!

Yen said...

dot. u need to start learning how to drive. otherwise when em is back,got no driver!!


-dot- said...

haha! YES! i wanna go for nyonya laksa!!! dont care if it'll cause my stomach to stir la.. i'll eat the whole bowl!!! :D

Yen... still got Ian, Liie and Carrere! wakakakaka! and Em got driver 1... but that depends if her driver will fetch me around la.. :P