Saturday, August 23, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #4

Destination #3: Tan Kim Hock

after spending some $$$ on OVERPRICED goodies, we went next door to get CENDOL! well.. not any ordinary cendol... but DURIAN cendol! YUM!
however, the shop was pretty eerie when we went in... the air con just got switched on... so the place was stuffy...the windows were tinted... and the dim fluorescent lights sure WERENT helpful! so yea, we decided..

to sit outside of the shop where the sun's bright and happy! and where there's some BREEZE!
this pic was INTENDED... which means... i just squatted for PICTURE purposes :P

we're kinda topsy-turvy la... after dessert, we went for LUNCH! (destination #4) :D (these were one of the HAPPIEST moments of Em... u'll see in PART#5 :P)

hehe! u'd be wondering... what did they eat? hehe! pics of food should deserve a part itself, cause the food in Malacca is just soO goooOOOD!!!

after makaning, we decided to walk... WALK!!!! at the Jonker Street (altho the more happening market only opens during the nights of the weekends, there are shops that you could visit at the Jonker Street... i sound like a tour guide :S)

looks GLOOMY eh?
well.. do NOT be fooled by this pic!!! cause the sun was BLAZING hot!!! and the sky was just-so BLUE!
the worst part is... Dot-the-Genius just HAD to leave her umbrella in the CAR! (cause i didnt think my skin would see so much of the sun cause we were gonna walk IN the shops rite???
but i thot wrong!!! the shops in Malacca are NOT like the shops in TAIPAN!!! they dont have COVERED WALKWAYS!!! hot hot HOT!!! thank God for our ONE and ONLY sunblock that was brought by the ONE and ONLY Genius DOT!!! :P (good thing i didnt leave that in the car toO!)

Destination #5: aLL AboaRD!!!

Admiral: Sizzling Sailors! prepare checklist before we setsail!
Sizziling Sailors a.k.a SS: aye aye Captain!

SS: Admiral... looking HOT in gold, CHECK!
SS: Ship, ChECK!
SS: Cabin Crew, CHECK!

SS: Cabin Crew, ATTENTION!
SS: Captain, we are READY to setsail!

in the SHIP...

Dot: ooO... look at the sea... it's soO blue...

Carol: arent those fishies cute?

Liie: hmm... sea-life is just soO BEAUTIFUL...

Ian: wow! we're getting further away from the sun! it's soO AWESOME!
Dot: We're SINKING!!!!

Dot: HELP!!!
Ian: Chill Dot... enjoy the scenary... it's not often that we go UNDERWATER... WHAT?! we're UNDERWATER???
Ian: i dont wanna die, i dont wanna DIE!!!
Dot: *cough Cough* get... ur... ha..hands... OFF... my... NECK!!!

SS Cabin Crew: *opens eyes* eh? where are we?? are we DEAD???

SS CAbin Crew: what's that?

Em: is that the SUN?

SS Cabin Crew: *shocks*
Carol: we're in another world... we must have travelled thru a portal... THIS (refering to the thingy they were looking at) is the portal!!!
SS Cabin Crew: *shocks*
Em: then how are we gonna get back?
Ian: i want my MOMMY!!! (runs away to a corner... hence he isnt in this pic :P)
*sound* BANG!!!

Ian: OUCH!

Em: i think it's a door...
Carol: since there's no where else we can go... lets open it and see...

Dot & Liie: i think we should KNOCK first...

*knock.. knock... eeeeekkk.... (the door opens by itself)*
a BRIGHT light shines thru the door crack...
Yen: CHOI! what are we doing sleeping on the floor?

*wakakakaka* all stories are just made up spontaneously to make picture viewing fun-NER! :P

we were actually in the...
and the "PORTAL" we travelled thru was...