Sunday, August 24, 2008

Antiques Exhibition: part #3

DESTINATION #1: the one we couldnt enter -.-

zZZzZZZZzzZZZZ *over*
after a few hours of driving for Ian and sleeping for EM! we reached Malacca safely *thank You Jesus*

however, Ian nearly gave me a SCENE to blog about when he...

but weird isnt it? the GREEN light's on... and so is the "BERHENTI" word... (for the BM challenged individuals, "berhenti" means stop :D)

so this was our 1st destination, the one which we didnt enter...
cause we had to PAY! and PAY EXTRA if we wanted to bring our cameras in!
the i-dont-know-if-i-should-laugh-or-cry-because-the-people-there-are-soO-silly parts are...
1. what's the different of being a LOCAL and MALAYSIAN?
well... the answer (which i presume to be true)... LOCALS meaning Malaccans.
2. why should they even bother making such a BIG board for the different categories of visitors, when each category pays the SAME amount for the entrance fee???


so we decided to take pics of the "SCENERY" which we kinda noticed on our way in
see the board on the right? cant really read it? scroll down for a better view...
somehow... it says turn left for SWIMMING POOL...

and so i did... only to find...
a "teh tarik" colored i-will-NOT-even-want-to-look-at-it pool!

hence the BUMMED face :P

oh yea... did i mention we kinda missed the turning that led us to our 1st destination? while making a U-turn, we passed the CROC Park signage and Ian got so thrilled... so GUESS WHERE'S DESTINATION #2???

well done! u've got some SERIOUS comprehension skills there! ;)

meet Carol, a gal that likes to take pics under the SCORCHING SUN!!!
Dot: we should put on some SUNBLOCK!
well of course, i was the ONLY one that was SMART enuf to bring our ONLY tube of sunblock! :P

as u can see in this 1st pic that MOST of us had our hands full applying sunblock except for Liie and Ian...
now HOW MUCH do you wanna bet with me that i can FINISH singing the Humpty Dumpty song as you feast your eyes on us sunblock-ing?
*counts* 1...2...3!
*humpty dumpty sat on the wall...
..humpty dumpty had a great fall.. (look! Liie's sunblock-ing toO!)
...all the King's horses...
...and all the King's men..
..couldnt put humpty dumpty..
..back together again!* (hot-shot eh? :P)
yup! Ian took THAT many pics of us sunblock-ing *GOOD JOB*

ha ha ha! u would think that Ian was MAN enuf to endure the BLAZING sun... but to your DESPAIR, he wasnt! altho i dont have pics for proof, i myself am an EYE-WITNESS!!! he put a DENT into my tube of facial sunblock!!! sigh.... :P

now that we're protected, we're ready to swim thru the slimy swamps, manuvere around the creepy-looking mangroves... camouflage ourselves to finally gaze upon the MIGHTY beasts that gave us women and nowadays... MEN too... beautiful HANDBAGS!!!

dear readers, lock your eyes on the ever soO lovely created...

CROCODILES!!! (this is a baby)

and meet JOHNNY-the stuffed croc...
according to this passage, he's 1 HORNY croc that hogged the "ladies" by whipping other males with his tail (causing 6 amatuer casanovas to die with EACH whip)
due to his violence, Johnny was isolated from the pack, and finally, he died cause he crawled up to the cement area... and couldnt/didnt/forgot (i couldnt remember the entire story) to crawl back into the water... in other words... he TOASTED himself under the sun!

we (mostly Liie and Em) took an estimation of 50 pics solely of the crocs...
to me, they all look the same!
scary-meat-eating-cold-blooded creatures...

err... what was i doin? seriously, it took me awhile to recall... it wasn't until i decided to move on to the following pic that i remembered why this pic was taken...
i was imitating the croc *lalala*

what you are about to see are crocs that i never knew existed! i mean it! i'm not talking about IAN! i mean REAL crocs that are CROCS! :P
a tail-ess croc (poor thing! dont the tails help them swim faster? this croc will have a hard time catching its prey, not to mention getting the ladies... :P)

this pic kinda describes the croc below...

*thinks* why are they like that?
maybe it was written on the details paper... but i didnt bother reading *lalala*

yea.. so the swamps... mangroves... and camouflage were all mere exaggeration.. all we did was peep through the fence to get a clear view of the crocs in their nicely cemented and watered habitat...
but hey! what fun would it be if the DramaQueen Dot wasnt DRAMATIC? :P

altho we didnt have to swim thru the slimes... but look at these crocs... the water they live in looks like MERCURY! GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!

*think happy tots...starts dreaming* someday... my prince will come...

riding on a white horse, a tall and hansome looking prince smiles... at Dot of course... *teehee* (dreaming continues)
white horse, CHECK!
*snaps back to reality* where's PRINCE??? (i look blind in this pic *blink blink*)

~a special connection~
Horsie's super good with cameras! u'll see!
Dot: dear Horsie, find Prince k!

Horsie: wokie!
success will be mine! *peace*

Dot: -.- WOI! why u still eating??? (yup! the horse has been nibbling on the SCARCE, DEAD and DRIED leaves on the ground... GUARDS!!! feed Horsie!!!)

-the chronicles of Dot, Horsie and the Price is to be continued-

Carol: hehehe...
Horsie: what's this woman laughing about?

Horsie: PFFT!

see! Horsie knows how to look at the cam!
even IAN doesnt! :P
i think he was looking at another cam when some1 took this pic (we took 1000 pics remember...)

MORE horses- Gallops and WindChaser (names were randomly created by Dot :P)

this is 1 jokey that ought to be SHOT! he was SMOKING while riding on the horse! can somebody give me some facts on what 2nd hand smoke can do to horses (cause i'm lazy to search for any and i have HUNDREDS of pics more to blog about!)??
GREEN PEACE... WWF... it'll be GREAT if you guys can do something cause these jokers need to be taught a lesson!!! ROAR!
Horsie was having muscle spasms when we were camwhoring with it.... and he's super thin!
horses are deprived here!!! :(

while i had a special connection with Horsie...

Carol had a connection with a CROC! (in hopes to search for "BUAYA DARAT"! what's the exact definition of "buaya darat" again? some horny dude or something? HELP pls? my BM died-ed LONG time ago :P)

the reason this post is named ANTIQUES EXHIBITION is... we, the antiques, Carol, Em, Yen, Liie, Ian and Dot FINALLY went for a trip together after soO many years of us knowing each other!!! (prefect camps arent counted cause Em and Liie couldnt follow)
HOWEVER! the pics that you've seen so far are of... ART, MILKY POOLS, AND some of Dot's SS pics, with candid shots of us... lets have some REAL exhibition shall we?

a warning comes with this tho... we antiques are RARE! therefore, getting a PROPER pic of us requires PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE... thankfully our cam-man cum driver had it ALL! :P
shall we count and see how many snaps does it take to get ONE perfect pic of us antiques... and for the benefit of my lovely readers, i shall include the snippits of conversations involved in the process of capturing us antiques.

1... (Dot: err... this is kinda high... is it even stable?)

2... (Carol: YEN! help me up!! my bones are cracky)

3... (Liie: eh... which side will i look best?? left?...
4... (Liie: *continues* or right?) (Em: Dot.. why is ur umbrella open?) (Dot: why? not nice ar?)

(one more just in case :P) Dot's gallery presents to you... the FUIYO!-licious FIVE (fr top clockwise: Dot, Em, Carol, Liie (middle), Yen) :P

Liie: lets take another 1! this time, i also wanna show off my bum bum!
counting begins...
3... we got the bum alrite... but the pic in general? FAIL! keep counting!

4... (one of us: eh eh! this 1 we act COOL k!)
5! guess 5 is our number! but SOMEBODY just had to be toO cool to look into the cam!

6... Carol: supposed to look into the cam meh? nobody told me!! dont look la...

7! wooHoO!! Yeem's number! :D

what will an antiques exhibition without having a pic of us MOST antique of ALL antiques???

Liie, Ian and i knew each other for 14 years!!!

since primary 1!

and not forgetting a pic of the OPPOSITES of all antiques...
now u tell me... do opposites ATTRACT or what? :P

ooh! we do learn from trips!

i learnt that ponies are not baby horses!

this is their actual size!

did u know that?
and they like to smell POO! i think that's a general animal instinct la...

Liie and her wind... what's it called?
Liie: y isnt it moving?
Dot: Cause there's NO wind?

Liie: OH! *blows* like still not moving 1...

Carol: i help!
little do they realise... the wind should only come from ONE side!
but somehow... that must have been a real fake wind whatever-u-call-it cause it spinned when both of them blew at it at the same time -.-

for a complete compilation of all we antiques, we needed someone to help...

Liie: OOH! someone's coming! ask them, ask them!

this marks the BEGINNING of the SS-ness of the Dot's Antiques!